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Suggest Phone is designed to help users find best smartphones according to their usage and budget. With new phone launches every week, it is very difficult for a common user to make a decision. That's why people ask tech savvy guys or "geeks" to get some advice or they wait for youtube reviews to make a decision. But there's a problem with that approach because you are not going to use your phone the same way like your geek friend does or youtube reviewer does. Everyone has different needs. Some of you just use Facebook and Whatsapp so you don't need to spend Rs. 30000 on a powerful phone. A phone with a decent battery and excellent screen is all you need which might cost only Rs. 15000. Also, a user should not care about how much RAM is there or at what speed the processor is running. They just need a phone which will run smoothly and caters to their need of storage or battery or camera.

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