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Snapdragon 630 vs 636 vs HiSilicon Kirin 659 vs MediaTek Helio P60: Detailed Comparison of SoCs

Qualcomm 600 series chipsets can be found in almost every other mid-range smartphone. Huawei has included its HiSilicon Kirin 659 chipset in all of its midrange phones. And now MediaTek Helio P60 has started its rule in the market with some stunning features and performance. In this article we take a look at the detailed comparison of Snapdragon 630 vs Snapdragon 636 vs HiSilicon Kirin 659 vs MediaTek Helio P60 chipsets.

by Tejas Upmanyu on 2018-03-30

Best DSLR Cameras Under 40000 In India 2018

Looking for a DSLR under 40000? Take a look at our list of best dslr cameras under 40000 available in India as of 2018. Best DSLRs from brands like Nikon, Canon, Sony have been listed. Price of DSLRs on the list varies from Rs. 30000 to Rs. 45000. Couple of options around Rs. 35000 are also provided.

by Tejas Upmanyu on 2018-02-26

A Treatise On How To Buy The Best DSLR [DSLR Buyers Guide]

Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras have gone mainstream in recent years. This article is a treatise on how to buy the best DSLR. You will find details on why DSLR cameras are much better than smartphones cameras and a list of things you should consider before buying a DSLR.

by Tejas Upmanyu on 2018-02-25

TOP 10 Best Cases and Back Covers for Honor 9 Lite

Honor 9 Lite was launched recently in India at a price of under Rs. 15000 for 32GB and 64GB variants. In this article we take a look at best cases and back covers available for Honor 9 Lite. We have included transparent cases. printed back covers, flip covers and armor cases.

by Geetansh Arora on 2018-02-11

Best VR Headsets in India 2018 (with Reviews)

In this Tech Savvy World, We bring the latest trend, the best VR headset in India. Virtual Reality has been a hot topic lately and here we cover the top 6 VR(Virutal Reality) headset available in India that can redefine your experience of watching entertainment stuff. We have covered the reviews, pros and cons of each of these VR headset.

by Tejas Upmanyu on 2018-02-10

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 1000 Available in India 2018

This article helps you with the Best Bluetooth speakers under 1000. Portable BT speakers from F&D, Portronics, Zoook, boAt, Logitech, Blaupunkt and iBall have made it to the top 7 list. We have covered review of each of these speakers along with basic details of the design and battery life.

by Tejas Upmanyu on 2018-01-29

Best Headphones Under 2000 (Wired and Wireless Bluetooth) India 2018

In this article we have covered the best headphones under 2000 available in India. The list is updated with latest wired and wireless bluetooth headphones launched in or before January 2018. We have covered headphones from brands like boAt, Sony, JBL, Audio and Philips. Few good headphones under 1500 are also listed.

by Tejas Upmanyu on 2018-01-16

TOP 8 Best Headphones Under 1000 (with Reviews) in India 2018

Looking for a nice headphone under 1000? You should read this article then. We have covered a list of top 8 headphones under 1000 available in India. The list is updated as of 2018 with latest headphones from all top brands like Skullcandy, Motorola, Sennheiser, Sony, Philips and JBL.

by Tejas Upmanyu on 2018-01-15

Redmi Mi A2 Price in India, Release Date, Features, Specs and Rumors

Xiaomi launched the Mi A1 in September last year and this year they will be bringing Redmi Mi A2 with stock android, dual camera and bezel-less display. Take a look at our article to know the expected price in India, release date, features, specifications and rumors on Mi A2. Rumors on Surge S2 Chipset and leaked images have been added.

by Geetansh Arora on 2018-01-12

How to Select the Best Smartwatch | Buyers Guide and Best Picks

If you are planning to buy a smartwatch then take a look at our article. This is a buyers guide to select the perfect smartwatch. If you don't know how to select the best smartwatch and what all you should consider before buying it then this article is for you. We have also listed our best picks available in India.

by Tejas Upmanyu on 2018-01-12

Upcoming Smartphones in India in 2018

In this post, we bring you the upcoming smartphones to be launched in India in 2018. The list contains phones with bezel less display and dual camera which was the hottest trend of late 2017 and will be followed in 2018 as well with improved features and specifications.

by Tejas Upmanyu on 2018-01-06

Geenkbench and Antutu Benchmark Scores: All You Need to Know

In this article, we answer the questions like what is antutu or geekbench benchmark? How it works and is it important? The benchmarks scores like Antutu, Geekbench looks good in number but to a user, they are just the numbers, the higher the better. Here we decode what the benchmarks score mean. Lets find out.

by Tejas Upmanyu on 2018-01-06

SuggestPhone's TBT: The Best Tech Awards 2017

2017 is coming to an end and this post is on Suggest Phone's TBT: The Best Tech Awards 2017. We have covered the best smartphones of the year 2017 in this article. Awards have been given in various categories like best budget smartphone, best camera smartphone, best looking smartphone and so on.

by Tejas Upmanyu on 2017-12-26

OnePlus 6 Price in India, Release date, Expected Specs and Rumors

OnePlus 6 will be the next flagship from OnePlus. In this article we take a look at the expected price in India of the OnePlus 6, release date, specifications, features and more. Latest rumors about the under the display fingerprint scanner has been added with leaked antutu benchmark scores and renders of Oppo R15 which may look similar to OnePlus 6.

by Geetansh Arora on 2017-11-22

Snapdragon 625 vs 626 vs 630 vs 660 vs 636 Comparison

We take a look at the latest offering in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 series processors. Comparison of Snapdragon 625 vs 626 vs 630 vs 660 vs 636 is provided with respect to CPU and GPU performance, camera, memory, charging and cellular support. Antutu and Geekbench Scores are provided as well.

by Tejas Upmanyu on 2017-10-25

Why Suggest Phone?

The story behind designing Suggest Phone and how it can help users to make better choice while buying a new smartphone.

by Geetansh Arora on 2017-07-28

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