Mi A1 vs Moto G5S Plus Comparison of Dual Camera Phones

Updated on 2017-12-04 by Geetansh Arora

Two new mid range dual camera smartphones have been launched recently. Motorola has launched the Moto G5S Plus and Xiaomi has launched Mi A1. Moto G5S Plus has 13MP + 13MP dual camera setup and Mi A1 has 12MP + 12MP dual camera setup. Dual camera phones are the latest trend and it will be safe to assume that in a couple of years all phones will have a dual camera setup.

Let's take a look at the comparison of Mi A1 and Moto G5S Plus

Mi A1 vs Moto G5S Plus Comparison of mid range dual camera phones

1. Design

Both Mi A1 and Moto G5S Plus have a metal unibody design. The build quality of both phones is very good. The Moto G5S Plus design is similar to G5 Plus which was launched earlier this year. Mi A1 design looks copied from iPhone 7 Plus. The dual camera setup is horizontal with antenna bands on the top. Both phones look and feel great.

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2. SoC/Processor

Both Mi A1 and Moto G5S Plus have same Snapdragon 625 chipset which is an octa-core chipset with a max frequency of 2GHz. The Snapdragon 625 is built on 14nm process technology and is very power efficient. 

3. Display

Both Mi A1 and Moto G5S Plus have a 5.5 inch Full HD Displays. The display on Mi A1 is covered with 2.5D glass which gives it a better look than G5S Plus. Both displays are bright and vibrant and a normal user won't have any problem.

4. RAM & Storage

Both phones come with 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage. Both of them have a hybrid MicroSD slot which means you can use either 2 sims or 1 sim and 1 MicroSD card. We hate the idea of hybrid sim slot. What's the use of building expandable storage into a phone and limiting its use by a hybrid sim slot?

5. Software

Xiaomi phones usually come with MIUI pre-installed which is something we don't like but things have changed with Mi A1. Xiaomi has partnered with Google for the Android One program and that's why Mi A1 runs stock android. Moto G5S Plus also has stock android. There is no bloatware on both these phones which makes them very responsive. Plenty of RAM with stock android makes multitasking a breeze. Both phones are easily able to handle heavy games like Asphalt.

6. Camera

The USP of both devices is their camera and this where you will see the maximum difference between them. Both phones have a dual camera setup but the architecture and working are very different.

Let's discuss the performance of Moto G5S Plus first.

Moto G5S Plus has a color and a monochrome 13MP camera sensor. Both work together to give a depth/bokeh effect to your pictures by blurring the background. Moto G5S Plus camera app has some interesting options using which you can change the background of an object. So you can take a picture in a room and replace the background wall with a forest. It is not very useful but is fun to use. The images are sharp and come out well mostly but sometimes the images are warmer and they feel very different from the actual object in the picture. We hope that Motorola fixes this in next software updates. 

On the front of Moto G5S Plus, we have an 8MP wide angle camera with flash. The camera performance is good and selfies look great. The front flash helps a lot in low light selfies.

For video recording, Moto G5S Plus can record 4K videos and has EIS which helps to stabilize the video recordings. EIS works in 1080p mode only. Moto has done a good job and the videos come out really well even if you have shaky hands. 

Now the camera performance of Mi A1.

Mi A1 has a 12MP+12MP dual camera setup with a color camera sensor and a telephoto lens. The setup is similar to what we have seen on the iPhone 7 Plus. This dual camera setup is expensive than color + color or color + monochrome that's why we don't see it in mid range phones. Thanks to the telephoto lens, you can zoom 2X without losing image quality. The overall quality of the photos is really good and it is safe to say that this is the best camera setup in mid range segment as of now. The portrait mode pictures have sharp edges with good depth effect. 

The front camera of Mi A1 is a 5MP shooter with no led flash. The camera is not wide angle as well. The image quality of the front camera is average. You won't be impressed with your selfies.

On the video side, Mi A1 can record 4K videos but there is no stabilization so if your hands are shaky, videos are not going to look good. 

Summary of camera comparison:

7. Battery and Charging

Mi A1 has a 3080mAh battery and Moto G5S Plus has a 3000mAh battery. We love big battery phones but here both of them have an average capacity. They will give you 1-day backup on a single charge. Redmi Note 4 came with 4000mAh battery and we would have loved to see it on the Mi A1 but maybe Xiaomi wanted to keep the phone slim and that's why they compromised with the battery.

In charging department, Mi A1 comes with a normal 5V 2A 10W charger and does not support fast charging. On the other hand, Moto G5S Plus comes with a turbocharger which will charge your device in less than 2 hours. So Moto G5S Plus is better at charging than Mi A1.

8. Price

Moto G5S Plus has been launched at Rs 15,999 and Mi A1 will be available at Rs 14,999. Moto G5S Plus was launched before Mi A1 and maybe that's why Xiaomi has priced it below G5S Plus which might reflect in sales.

So, the choice is yours. Both phones are good and they offer similar performance is most of the departments. If you take a lot of pictures from the back camera then Mi A1 is a better option. If you take a lot of selfies then you should prefer Moto G5S Plus. Moto G5S Plus is better for video recording as well. Everything else like storage, ram, software, processor are same so you should take a decision according to camera usage and design.

Moto G5S Plus is available on Amazon only and go to this link to buy it.

Mi A1 is available on Flipkart only and this is the link. It will be available on 12th September.

You can see the features, pros cons, review, ratings. specs, cases covers and video review of both phones on these links

Moto G5S Plus | Mi A1

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