Nokia 8 2018 and Nokia 9 Price in India, Release date, Specs, Review

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Nokia 9 - A Testament to Nokia’s Might?

nokia 9 image india launch price specs

What do we say? 9’s the luck (Like iPhone 9 or Windows 9).

For the ones who consider Nokia’s Flagships to be a relic of the past. Well, Nokia is all geared up to prove it still has the gall to stir the Android flagship game with its all new and upcoming Nokia 9. This goes without saying that the Nokia 9 will topple Nokia 8 from the flagship position and customers certainly want to see Nokia bringing out the best, just like the good old days.

The question is out there, waiting for a bold and conclusive answer by Nokia, will Nokia 9 be the perfect embodiment of what Nokia stands and is known for?

HMD Global - the company that has revived the ‘Nokia’ name on smartphones has launched a few entry-level, mid-level and a flagship Nokia 8 till now. Despite being good launches, Nokia has not yet gained the market position and respect it once had. Nokia 8 is a good step in that direction, which competes directly with the likes of OnePlus 5. Sadly, Nokia’s war with Samsung and Apple is yet to find a good answer by Nokia. The upcoming and super-hyped Nokia 9 might just be that.

Recent leaks and rumors have divulged a lot about the device, we’ll be listing and talking about all the leaks, rumors, renders and everything we got about Nokia 9.

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Nokia 9 Design, Specs, Features and more

According to latest reports, renders of Nokia 9’s back panel have surfaced online, which reveal that the smartphone is as beautiful as it gets with a glossy, all-glass back design, a welcome change from the design language of previous launches by Nokia. 

nokia 9 leaked back panel india launch suggest phone

Rumoured Nokia 9 Back Panel. Credits: WCFTech

Nokia 9 Specifications


The hottest of the leaks suggest a 5.5-inch QHD OLED display. Quad HD roughly translates to 1440 x 2560 resolution. The presence of an OLED panel would be perhaps a very interesting thing, seeing how the industry is betting on OLED for their top of line smartphones.

Being an OLED panel, there’s little to say about quality. It gives the best of display experiences with vivid colors and deep blacks. Getting an OLED panel perfect is a tough job, (Well, Google couldn’t pull it off perfectly, surely it isn’t easy). 


nokia 9 leaked front oled display back glass

Nokia 9 might feature A Curved OLED Panel. Credits: NDTV Gadgets

Multiple reports suggest major design changes from Nokia 8. Nokia 9 will sport an all-metal unibody design with an all-glass back. Sources suggest the smartphone to feature an IP68 rating. (Confused about IP Ratings and what they mean? Here’s the much-needed intro, welcome!)

An image surfaced online which shows Nokia 9 to have a curved edge much like the Galaxy S8. With a curved display and all glass back, Nokia 9 definitely looks gorgeous. The render also supports the claim of Nokia 9 sporting a dual-camera setup from ZEISS. Sadly, Nokia 9 could be the next in line to go wireless with headphones and say bye to 3.5mm jack.


nokia 9 leaked dual camera india launch

The Glossy back of Nokia 8 with Dual-Camera Organisation. Credits: NDTV Gadgets

As we’ve seen in the past, Nokia takes its camera department very seriously and this time too its no different. Nokia 9 is expected to feature a dual-camera setup with a 22MP sensor from ZEISS. The front camera is also expected to be the best in line with a 12MP sensor. There’s no conclusive on the nature and specs of the second lens in the dual camera setup, it could be a wide angle camera or a telephoto, it is to be confirmed yet.


There’s only been one rumor stating that the battery capacity of the upcoming Nokia flagship would be at 3800mAh with support for Quick charging 4 by Qualcomm. This would make Nokia 9, one of the best battery flagship out there with a big juice pack.

Processor & Operating System 

Nokia 9 will house the top in line Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with 4GB or 6GB of RAM. This makes Nokia 9 one of the few flagships with such humongous RAM. Adreno 540 as GPU would be also there with 128 GB of onboard storage. 

There’s not much to say here, Nokia 9 will be as powerful if not more than the other flagships of 2017

Nokia 9 will run on Android Oreo, the stock one. (Cheers on that!!)

Nokia 9 Price in India

The Nokia 9 is expected to be priced around $699 for the baseline model Internationally and might carry a price tag of around 57,000 INR in India. The Nokia 9 is rumored to launch in two models one with 64GB of storage and other with 128GB. The prices are expected to go up to $749 for the highest model. Making it to the price bracket of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and other prominent flagships of 2017.

Nokia 9 Launch Date in India

Nokia has not laid out an official statement regarding these rumors and leaks about Nokia 9. HMD Global has also not stated any official launch dates for Nokia 9 as of yet. HMD Global will launch the Nokia 9 on 19th January 2018.

In fact, a representative for HMD Global has now hinted that the phone is on the way and that it will have a larger screen "to meet the needs of absolutely all users.”. 

In the end, we at SuggestPhone would highly recommend you take all rumors, leaks and above-mentioned information about the Nokia 9 with a pinch of salt, as HMD Global has yet to make any announcements about its new flagship killer.

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Nokia 8 2018 Edition

HMD Global is expected to launch the updated version of Nokia 8 on 19th January. It will be called Nokia 8(2018) or Nokia 8 2018 Edition. Right now, not much information is available about Nokia 8 2018 but we expect Nokia 8 2018 will come with an improved camera setup, new colors and Android Oreo. Some of the blogs have reported that Nokia 8 will have a bezel-less display but we don't think that's going to happen because if it does then Nokia 8 2018 and Nokia 9 will become exact same devices which don't make sense.

Nokia 8 2018 Price in India

We are expecting that Nokia 8(2018) price in India will be same as the price of Nokia 8 which is 36999.

Nokia 8 2018 Release Date in India

Nokia 8 2018 will be launched with Nokia 9 on 19th January 2018. This is the global launch date. We expect HMD Global to release Nokia 8 2018 in India in March 2018.

We will be updating this article as we get more information about these 2 devices. We are excited about Nokia 9 as Nokia 8 was a really good device and 9 will be even better. Check out the review of Nokia 8.

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