OnePlus 5T Price in India, Release date, Specs and Review

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OnePlus is all strapped on to give its coveted flagship, OnePlus 5, a ’T’reatment as it happened for the very first time with the Chinese premium smartphone manufacturer’s previous yet much loved even today flagship, OnePlus 3. OnePlus launched OnePlus 3T just after 5 months of launching and already wildly popular OnePlus 3. Well, OnePlus seems to be in making a tradition here, recent leaks suggest that the company is ready to unsettle the smartphone industry with OnePlus 5T, expected to be launched in India on 21st November.

oneplus 5t teaser image

Image Source: Android Authority

2017 has been the year of going bezel-less, OnePlus 5 had the courage to enter the market with substantial bezels but still the love for the device didn’t falter. Last November, OnePlus 3T was launched as a spec-bump version of OnePlus 3. OnePlus certainly can’t raise the spec-bar this time around as the OnePlus 5 already has Qualcomm’s flagship of the year, the Snapdragon 835, nothing exceeds that in the market at the moment and won’t until 2018 and RAM? Don’t even say about it. (More than 8GB, seriously OnePlus?). So we expect something out of the line with an all-new monolithic and bezel-less design. Latest leaked renders suggest the smartphone will have the same form-factor as OnePlus 5 but will feature an all-screen front, A giant 6-inch display with an aspect ratio of 18:9 and 2160 x 1080 resolution.

oneplus 5t bezelless display

Image Source: Slash Leaks

OnePlus 5T Specifications

    oneplus 5t antutu benchmark image

Image Credits: GIZCHINA

OnePlus 5T scores around 185000 in Antutu Benchmark.

OnePlus 5T Price in India

With not much aggressive competition in the flagship phones and with a good brand value of OnePlus, OnePlus 5T is expected to keep the price similar to OnePlus 5 launched earlier this year. With this confirmation, of One Plus 5T costing very similar to One Plus 5, we expect One Plus 5 to have a price cut.

There are no clear tags but there is a strong wind that says that the device will cost somewhere around $550 (internationally) and 40,000 Indian Rupees. 

The estimated price of OnePlus 5T in India as per our Suggest Phone team is
6GB/64GB variant at Rs. 35000 32999
8GB/128GB variant at Rs. 40000 36999

OnePlus 5T Release Date

As seen with the launch of OnePlus 3T last November, we expect, OnePlus is expected to showcase this beauty after 20th November on 21st November in India. Also, as it has been with all the OnePlus launch, OnePlus 5T will be launched as an Amazon Exclusive.

OnePlus 5T Review, Ratings and Pros Cons

OnePlus 5 was thrashed for copying the design language of iPhone 7 Plus, (Well, who isn’t?) OnePlus 5T answers those accusations by subtly deviating towards a design language which seems to be heavily ‘inspired’ by Samsung’s Galaxy S8. The render doesn’t give away everything about the phone’s design, but all we can gauge is that OnePlus is finally ditching those side-bezels and the company has finally settled with an all-clean and all-screen front with no home button or any capacitive touch buttons as on the predecessor. It features the very familiar Aluminium unibody frame with speakers on the bottom of the chassis.

Considering the leaner front, the fingerprint sensor is rumoured to take its place at the back with a rounded square-is sensor. Following the hints and considering previous year’s OnePlus 3T, we expect an improved front-camera, possibly with a dual camera setup on the front, sounds daunting but we are not much convinced with the rumour of it making into OnePlus 5T. The rear sensor, on the other hand, should get an upgrade with both the cameras sporting a 20MP sensor instead of 20MP + 16MP arrangement on the OnePlus 5. The ‘Clearer-Photos’ tagline of the OnePlus 5 is gonna get clearer with the new and improved camera organization.

In the latest leak, the fingerprint sensor could be seen on the back.

OnePlus 5T fingerprint sensor image leak

One rumour suggests that the device looks very similar to Oppo F5, with considerable differences in hardware and software between the devices, of course. As it is, for now, the OnePlus 5T is going to be entirely different from OnePlus 5 on the outside, but almost identical from inside. Though, we expect it to run on Oxygen OS based on the new Android Oreo.

oneplus 5t leaked imageLeaked renders of upcoming 5T.

Aside the all-new and clean, bezel-less design, the smartphone is also tipped to have a larger battery and no spec-bump whatsoever, though we definitely hope a Snapdragon 836 instead of 835 for the sake of words ‘upgrade and T’. 

Of course, as with all rumours and leaks, we advise readers to take the above information about the OnePlus 5T with a pinch of salt, as OnePlus has yet to make any announcements about its all-screen flagship smartphone.

Confirmed Updates of One Plus 5T to be launched in India on November 21st

One Plus 5T will come with the company's proprietary Dash Charge.

One Plus 5T will have the Dash Charge, as the One Plus Ceo Pete Lau claims, Dash Charge is better compared to wireless charging. He said that Dash charging delivers 20 Watts of power for a full day use in half an hour compared to wireless charging capability of 15 Watts of power, that too varies with the position of the phone on the wireless pad.

Pete Lau though agreed that the wireless technology is growing but its still time for it is to be feasible, and that, in the current technology scenario, Dash charge is the superior choice. Also, he pointed out that "wireless charging brings more limitation than freedom" as the technology does not allow the user to pick their phone to play a game or click a photo.

That’s all we know about OnePlus 5T right now, but we are very excited about the upcoming OnePlus flagship.

Are you excited as well? don’t hold yourselves, share the excitement in the comments.

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