The Battle of Flagship Killers OnePlus 5 vs. Honor 8 Pro

Updated on 2017-08-06 by Geetansh Arora

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OnePlus came into the smartphone with the tagline "Flagship Killer". The plan was to offer flagship performance at a lower price and the first phone OnePlus One was a true flagship killer indeed. Everything about that phone was great. 

But with time OnePlus has increased the prices, the One came at Rs. 22,000 and the OnePlus 5 is selling at Rs. 32999. It is not really a flagship killing price but it is still lower than what we are seeing with other brands.

This year Honor has entered into this game with Honor 8 Pro which offers flagship specs at a price which is even lower than the OnePlus 5. Honor 8 is priced at Rs. 29999 and OnePlus 5 at Rs. 32999.

Both of these are great phones overall but none of them is great in every department. So let's compare the performance feature wise to see how they perform and which one you should buy.

1. Design

OnePlus 5 design is same as iPhone 7 Plus. It shows the lack of creativity of the OnePlus design team. Honor 8 Pro design is new and different and personally I like it more. So Honor 8 wins the design round.

2. SoC/Processor

OnePlus 5 has the latest and greatest Snapdragon 835 while the Honor 8 Pro runs on Kirin 960 chipset. Between these two, Snapdragon 835 is more powerful and more efficient than the Kirin chipset. So OnePlus 5 wins the SoC round.

3. Display

OnePlus 5 has a Full HD AMOLED display and Honor 8 Pro has a Quad HD IPS display. Honor 8 Pro display has higher resolution but OnePlus 5 has AMOLED panel which is more vibrant and power efficient. It’s a tie.

4. RAM & Storage

Both phones have 6GB of RAM but the Honor 8 Pro comes with 128GB of storage while OnePlus 5 lower variant comes with 64GB of storage. Honor 8 Pro wins storage round.

5. Software

OnePlus 5 runs on stock android with few extra useful features and no bloatware at all. Honor 8 Pro's software is not as clean or smooth as OnePlus 5's. So OnePlus 5 wins software round.

6. Camera

Both phones have a dual camera setup but how they work is very different. I can’t go into detail here so will come to conclusion directly. Both camera are good but overall Honor 8 Pro takes better shots as of now. OnePlus might improve camera performance with software update in future but right now it lags behind Honor 8 Pro. Honor 8 Pro Wins.

7. Battery and Charging

OnePlus 5 has a 3300mAh battery and Honor 8 Pro has a 4000mAh battery. Even with a smaller battery, OnePlus 5 performs better because of more efficient processor and display. Plus, OnePlus 5 has dash charging which charges your phone in around 90 minutes which is crazy quick.  OnePlus 5 Wins the battery round.

8. Price

Even if we compare the lower variant of OnePlus 5 with Honor 8 Pro, 8 Pro will cost you Rs. 3000 less. Honor 8 Pro wins price round.

So, the choice is yours. Both phones are great but not great in every department.

If you need better design, storage, camera and price then go for Honor 8 Pro and if you need better SoC, Software and Battery backup then go for OnePlus 5.

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