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Updated on 2017-07-28 by Geetansh Arora

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I have been into technology since school days. Things have changed a lot since then. Nokia 3310 or 1100 were the standard phones seen everywhere and phones like Nokia 6600 were seen in the hands of upper middle class or rich. Things have changed a lot since then and now there is a smartphone in every hand. 

While technology has improved a lot in last 10 years, it has become complicated as well. No one talked about how much RAM is there on your phone or which processor/chipset is there. I am sure most of us had no idea about what hardware was in there back then but now the whole game is played on the basis of specs.

The Game of Numbers

First phone with octa-core processor. 

First phone with 6GB of RAM. 

First phone with Quad HD display. 

First phone with dual front cameras.

You must have heard all this and most of us don't know what exactly is an octa core chipset or how 6GB RAM will make a difference to them. 

Between all this noise about specs, the real world performance of a phone gets lost. Companies start highlighting the specs and numbers keep increasing on paper. Most of the customers don't have technical knowledge so they think higher numbers must be better. 

But are higher numbers on paper really better? The simple answer is: No. 

The reality is that an octa core chipset might be worse than a quad or even dual core chipset or A 20MP camera might take shitty pictures and a 12MP camera might perform much better or A phone with 4GB RAM might be laggy and a phone 2GB RAM might run smoothly.

Redmi Note 3 vs Moto G5 Plus Camera comparison

The Existing Gap 

The actual performance of the device can be completely different from the specs which are highlighted and that's where the customers feel cheated. They went for the numbers but when they see the real performance they don't like it.  

Currently, there is no tool which can help users to decide and recommend phones which are best suited for them. There are filters on sites like Flipkart, Amazon but they just filter out phones on the basis of numbers like RAM, Storage, MP etc which don't matter in real life. 

No one has a tool which filters out phones on the basis of its real world performance in various departments like camera, battery, performance etc.

This is where Suggest Phone comes in. Personally, I have been doing this job of recommending phones, laptops, and tablets on chat and phone calls from last 7 years. Every other day someone would call me or text me to get advice on which phone they should buy. 

I would ask them about their budget, their usage pattern and whether do they have any brand preference. Based on those inputs I would recommend them a phone. I follow tech so much that I remember specs, pros, and cons of phones so I am able to recommend something instantly over a phone call or chat.

Though this method was working well for my friends, I wanted to reach more people so I decided to design Suggest Phone. 

Our Solution: The Smart Search

There is a Smart Search option which works exactly like I worked for recommended phones. 

It will ask you few questions about your usage, budget and it will give you a list of phone that you should consider. We call it Smart Search because it is a smart algorithm which recommends a phone based on their real world performance not on the basis of numbers on paper. So you will see a phone with 12MP camera listed above a phone with a 16MP camera because those numbers don't matter to us and they should not matter to you as well.

The individual ratings are also listed next to each phone which tells you the real world performance in that department on a scale of 10.

Suggest Phone Smart Search Phone Finder

If you are still confused then there are various sort options to help you out. So if you see 10 results in your results and you need a great camera phone then all you need to do is to click on "Sort by Camera Rating" and it will sort the results with camera rating and you can see the best camera phones on top. Similarly, there are other options like value for money, battery rating and performance. 

The Smart Search feature was the first idea to be implemented and then I had new ideas like

Recently launched smartphones

Best battery phones

Best camera phones

Best under 10000 and few others.

Another Problem: Fluctuating Prices

Another problem I saw was that the prices of phone fluctuated a lot. A phone might not be worth buying at Rs. 20000 but at Rs. 15000 it can be a great deal so we implemented latest prices as well. Now prices of all phones are updated regularly from various website multiple times a day which helps the user to compare prices easily and make a decision.

Suggest Phone Latest Prices

Everything on One Page

If a user is interested to see more details then we have device info page for every phone where you can find the specifications, variants, reviews, pros and cons, recommended covers and video review. If you still have any questions or doubts you can post them on the bottom of the page and we will be happy to help you. 

Suggest Phone Specifications Page

The device info page was created so that users don't have to go to multiple places like GSMAreana to see the specs, some review website to read the review, Youtube to see a video and Amazon/Flipkart to see the covers and cases. Device info page lists all those relevant and important things at one place which makes life easier for everyone. 

See: Apple iPhone 7 Device Info Page

iPhone 7 cases and covers

So this was the story behind Suggest Phone. 

Let us know your views in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for more. We have some interesting features coming up like compare phones and instant price alerts.

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