Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 Available in India 2018

Updated on 2018-01-30 by Tejas Upmanyu

Hola ladies and gentlemen, today we are all set to answer some of the most buzzing questions in tech space, in India. What are the best Bluetooth speakers you can get in or somewhere around ₹ 2000? Since we are on the cusp of going digital with music, one of the most important aspects of our modern culture mostly left untouched since the beginning of techno-era.

Best Bluetooth Speakers under 2000 in India with reviews

While we must progress towards digital music, some of the golden standards of the analog world still enamor us so much, that we can’t let them go that easy, on the other side, we have a pleasing sight of ditching wires from our most used consumer devices. Bluetooth speakers are one big cog in the digital music era, and we know you love them. So here are the best Bluetooth speakers under 2000 in India.

1. Blaupunkt BT-51 Bluetooth Speaker 

Best Bluetooth Speakers under 2000

Well, you gotta cry ‘Heil german engineering’ when you see and feel the sheer sound these Bluetooth speakers pumping in. The 8W mono speaker outperforms many dual ones in loudness and music clarity. Even at high volumes, sound doesn’t get distorted. There’s ample bass, the balance is good and the music is more lively. The sound is definitely something you’d be surprised and pleased about.

Talking about design, It's not the most unique out there, but there’s nothing bad about being too mainstream too. The rectangular build is solid, with a few circular buttons up top to control volume and toggle music. The battery within these speakers is pretty impressive too, with Blaupunkt claiming 10 hours, but Its close to 8.5-9 hours in real life usage which is still a lot. The charge time of 4 hours, might make you shrug your shoulders a bit. The Blaupunkt BT-51 use latest Bluetooth v4.2, no doubt the sound quality is that great. The connectivity is quite hassle-free, with a range of 9 metres in real life usage.

These speakers from Blaupunkt, really are impressive, given the price and well deserve the first place on our list of Best Bluetooth Speaker under 2000. If you are looking some brilliant acoustics at a nominal price, go grab Blaupunkt BT-51 wireless speakers for around Rs. 1600.

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2. Logitech X100 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers 

Best Logitech Bluetooth Speakers under 2000

Talk about brilliant acoustics, and we have Logitech X100 to join the party. If you have read our best Bluetooth speakers under ₹ 1000, you know how worthy Logitech X50 is. X100 is a pure performer when It comes to sound quality, with solid beats and crisp audio. These get to impressive loudness levels as well. The sound coming from these at full thrust could easily fetch your neighbours at your door. With an enclosure, that small, X100 really does impress. We would agree that Xis are not much different from X50, on X100 you do get a mic, so you can answer phone calls.

The looks are pretty similar too, the same set of 3 buttons on top, man these look cool! I really like the build, Its sturdy and stylish, not a unique design but there’s much to look for here. There’s a standard 3.5mm AUX port, alongside a micro USB port for charging. You get 5 hours of nonstop music with a charge, that’s respectable form speakers of this size, easy to carry around. You can get these cool wireless speakers for around ₹ 1800.

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3. Portronics POR-795 Breeze Bluetooth Speakers

Best Potronics Bluetooth Speakers under 2000 in India

Portronics POR-795 Breeze is a really fantastic set of wireless speakers from Portronics. With 8W of output, these cylindrical speakers from Portronics are very loud, very handy and very stylish. The bass is quite solid, but treble still goes a bit up. The sound quality is crisp and clear, with apt punchiness. Talking about the looks, the textured mesh up top with rubberised rings make the POR-795 look really premium.

The battery in this one goes non stop for up to 6-7 hours. What we really love about Portronics POR-795 is the versatility that comes bundled along. You get USB support, microSD as well as an AUX port, Bluetooth connectivity is a breeze as well, as the name suggests. What’s interesting is that Portronics POR-795 boasts TWS Stereo connectivity option, what that essentially means is that If you have another POR-795 they both can interact with each other to get more powerful and stereo sound through the combo.

The built-in mic allows you to answer calls, the mic works reasonably well. We really admire the comprehensiveness of this wireless speaker by Portronics. Its a complete package at the price, the sound quality is not the best of the lot but It has several other features to compensate for that. If you can bear a little on the acoustics, you can get these wildly beautiful wireless speakers from Portronics from for around ₹ 2199.

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4. Boat Stone 600 Bluetooth Speaker

best boAt bluetooth speakers under 2k

How could we miss the famed BoAt Stone 600 from the list of Best Bluetooth Speakers? Stone 600 from BoAt are not your average pretty wireless speakers. These are rugged and sturdy, might look that these come straight out of a military base. On the back and around, there’s a rubberised matte finish. The Stone 600 packs a dual speaker configuration, with a combined power output of 10W which is just astonishing. The sound from these is supremely powerful and clear. The bass is not as strong as the sound itself but does a decent job. The punchiness and balance are quite stable and makes a clean and imperious listening experience. The speaker is also IPX6 certified waterproof, so that’s added assurance.

The Stone 600 uses Bluetooth v4.0 for better transmission with minimal losses and noise. On the side circle, we have a micro USB port for charging and an AUX-in with the ON-OFF toggle switch. The 1500mAH battery inside this one, powers non-stop powerful music for 8 hours. The firm set of buttons at the back of Stone 600 help you control volume and switch between tracks. The cylindrical design allows you to carry it around quite easily.  You can get these rock-solid wireless speakers with excellent music prowess for around 1800.

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5. Portronics POR-568 Posh Bluetooth Speaker


Best Portronics Bluetooth Speaker in India

Portronics POR-568 Posh is another great offering from Portronics, the POR-568 has dual 3W speakers built in to pump stereo sound. The loudness is decent not the loudest in the lot but Its exceedingly enough for a room. The clarity and crispness of sound are great, with no distortion at peak volumes. The bass levels are good if not the best and make the listening experience richer.

If you are more into hard rock type of music, POR-568 might not be the fittest. The build quality is also quite good, with IPX4 certification ensuring sprinkle and splash proof build. On the top, you get firm circular buttons for toggling music and controlling volume levels. Portronics POR-568 uses Bluetooth v4.0 so you get the best sound quality with minimum losses during transmission.

On the side, we have a micro USB port for charging and an AUX-in, along with a tiny reset button. The paring is easy and hassle-free, these wireless speakers from Portronics can fire nonstop music for 5 hours, which is good enough for most users but could have packed more battery in that rectangular enclosure. The rubberised sides give a nice visage to the speaker and also makes It not skid from surfaces. The design is not very unique and flashy but does the job nicely. Portronics POR-568 gets a place in our Best Bluetooth Speaker under 2000 list and can be purchased for around 1800.

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6. JBL GO Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Go Bluetooth Speaker under 2000 in India 

While many JBL fans would be ripping their hair out by now for JBL GO to be at a better position in the list, we humbly disagree. JBL Go is a decent speaker with good level of volume and pretty average richness in sound. The bass levels are not at par with others in the list, which you might expect from a big name like JBL at the price. The Go is a portable, colourful sound box which is good for occasional out goers who can take a little low for acoustics but none on the design and branding front. J

BL Go asks more than what It delivers. Still you’ll find a large group of people owning these. The design is more appealing than the sound, the boxy look with classy JBL branding on the grills. The build is sturdy and looks more durable. It quite easy to carry given Its small enclosure and with a stunning battery of 6 hours, many people might find the perfect speaker in JBL Go, partially owing to the grand JBL name.

Nonetheless, the sound is clear and crisp but lacks power and dynamics. Volume levels are also not up to the mark, though there’s no distortion even at peak levels. On the side, you get an AUX-in, a micro USB port for charging, along with the mic cavity. So yeah, you can answer calls from JBL Go. If you are not serious about volume and bass, JBL Go is a decent choice .

You can buy JBL Go from for around ₹ 1800, in a whole bunch of pop colours. This is our favorite of this list of best bluetooth speakers under 2000.

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7. Zoook Rocker Encore

Zoook Rocker Encore Best Bluetooth Speaker under 2000

If the question is value for money, you can’t keep Zoook out of the mix. Rocker Encore is Zoook’s answer. Encore is a robustly built speaker, which doesn’t compromise with anything when it comes to ensuring durability. Its IP65 water resistant, dust resistant and shock resistant as well. It's pretty much ready to go alongside with you, wherever you want to. As much the speaker looks solid, the bass follows. Sound quality is praiseworthy, with clear, crisp audio.

The 12W of power output is clearly visible as the sound this speaker exudes it is truly blowing. There’s some distortion at peak volumes, talking about volumes, you would have to think twice before cranking it up all the way to high because these are some super loud wireless speakers. On the top, you get firm buttons, meant for switching tracks and controlling volume. Though We admire Zoook for packing more features into their speakers, Rocker Encore is bit low on versatility I’d expect. There’s only an AUX-in and a micro USB at the side for charging.

Talking about charging, you get 4 hours of uninterrupted entertainment, though we are a little unhappy with the connectivity range being 7 meters tops. Zoook Rocker Encore is a great buy If you don’t like to move around too much from the source. Worth mentioning here is that Rocker Encore is quite heavy, owing to that armour.

You can get these armoured powerhouse wireless speakers from for around ₹ 2100.

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Concluding Remarks - Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000

Ah! so that was our best picks for best Bluetooth speakers under 2000. We have been quite rigorous with bringing you the best out there. As the death of headphone jack has struck the world quite hard, the spree to ditch the wires has been welcomed quite nicely. Wireless headphones are getting into mainstream quite rapidly, as they present the best amalgamation of convenience, style and portability.

With each new Iteration closing the quality gap between wired and wireless audio equipment. We at SuggestPhone love music, and in that pure admiration, we bring out the best for you. Did we miss any great wireless speaker in the sub ₹ 2000 range? If you think, some other wireless speaker deserves a place here, do tell us in the comments. Have you been using any of the above-mentioned speakers? or used in the past? what were your experiences? Do share with us, we’ll be waiting to hear from you. 

Please follow us on Facebook and make sure to follow us on Twitter for similar and quality technical articles, We are now on Instagram and Medium as well. Do check us out for some great content there and be sure to follow. Till then, goodbye!

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