Choetech 10W Wireless Charger Stand and Wireless Car Mount Review

Updated on 2019-03-23 by Geetansh Arora

choetech wireless charging stand and wireless charging car mount

Wireless charging has become mainstream over the last couple of years. Flagship smartphones from Samsung, LG, Apple, Xiaomi support wireless charging though they don't come with wireless charges in the box. This is why the market for the wireless chargers is exploding and there are a ton of options available now.

In this article, we review the Choetech T563-S Adjustable Wireless Charger Stand and T536-S Phone Holder 7.5W Fast Wireless Charging Car Mount. The adjustable wireless charger stand can be used at your home or office while the car mount will be a good addition to your car and will help you to charge your phone on the go while you are using navigation and listening to your favorite songs.

Let's start with the wireless charging stand first and then we take a look at the wireless charging car mount. Both these chargers support Qi Wireless charging standard.

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Choetech T563-S Adjustable Wireless Charger Stand Review

This is a 10W wireless charger and has a vertical form factor. It comes with a Micro USB port and has a Micro USB cable included inside the box. A Type C port would have been great here as wireless charging is supported by flagships mainly and they come with USB Type C ports and cable so you would need to replace that cable with this MicroUSB one to charge your phone wirelessly.

choetech wireless charging stand image

The wireless charging stand comes nicely packed in a box with a 1.2M Micro USB Charging Cable, a User Manual, and an after-sales warranty card. The wireless charger does not come with a charging brick. You need to use at least QC 2.0 5V 2A charging brick to charge your phone. In our tests, we used both QC 2.0 and 3.0 charging bricks and they both worked well and had similar charging performance.

The top of the charging stand is adjustable and you can move it to make it horizontal or keep it vertical with a slope. The build quality of the charging stand is great and it moves very smoothly. The top is covered with a rubber based material which prevents the phone from skidding and won't scratch your phone as well.

choetech wireless charging stand moving angles

There is a Green LED on the right side of the charging stand and it displays the charging state. It stays On while the device is charging and goes Off when it is fully charged. It has a dual coil system which means you can place your phone horizontally or vertically without impacting the charging speed. You don't even have to worry about properly placing the device to exactly match the coil which is the case with some of the wireless chargers.

wireless charging stand safety features

The wireless charger works fine with most of the phone cases. You might see a problem with thick cases(>5mm). In our tests, the phone charged fine and showed no issues with a case on it. Here is a charging graph which will give you an idea about it's charging speed. The device that was charged was LG G7+ ThinQ.

choetech wireless charger charging speed graph

The phone had 15% battery when it was put on charge at 00:30 AM and it reached 100% charge at 3:00 AM. The charging was almost linear from 15 to 100% and the total time taken was 2.5 Hours which means an average charging rate of 34% per hour. Below 50%, the charging rate stays at around 40% per hour and in the next 50%, it goes down to 30% per hour.

The temperature of the phone was stable while charging and we saw no overheating on the phone or the charging stand.  The charging rate is decent considering it is wireless charging and can't really be compared with normal wired fast charging where you will see charging rates of 70 to 80% per hour.

You can buy the Choetech Wireless charging stand from their official website. It is priced at around $20 and offers free shipping. Here's the link:

Buy Wireless Charging Stand from Choetech

Choetech T536-S Phone Holder 7.5W Fast Wireless Charging Car Mount Review

This is a car phone holder or car mount which supports wireless charging as well. It looks like a regular car mount and can be installed on the vents easily. There is a MicroUSB port where you can plug in the cable. It does come with a MicroUSB cable but you get a car charger so you need to buy that separately. The car mount can support up to 7.5W wireless charging. The output of the car charger should be at least 5V 2A for this wireless charger to work properly.

choetech wireless charging car mount

The car mount has a gravity linkage design which means you can just put your phone on the car charger and slide it down, then this car charger will grip your phone securely and provide wireless charge simultaneously. The design makes it very easy to use and convenient for charging while driving. You can just put your phone in and out without any extra effort.

wireless charging car mount features

The fast wireless car charger comes with soft silicone protection on the phone clamp arm which will help to protect the phone edges from scratches. The clamps hold the phone securely and prevent it from falling off. The clamp at the end of the mount into the car AC vents.

wireless charging phone stand compatible sizes

Like the wireless charging stand, the car mount is also equipped with advanced circuitry which will protect your phone against overcharging, over-voltage, over temperature and over-current, ensuring the safety of your phone and you as well. Like the charging stand, there is a green light which lights up when the phone is charging.

Here is a charging graph which shows the performance of wireless charging from this car mount. The phone was plugged in at around 3:00 PM and had around 15% charge left. At around 5:00 PM, it was at around 85%. So in 2 hours, it charged 70% which means a charging rate of 35% per hour. Do note that the phone was not in use during this time. If you are using the phone for navigation and music then you can expect the battery to charge much slower than this. Same LG G7+ ThinQ was charged here as well.

           car mount charging speed graph

The car mount is also available at Choetech's official website for around $25 and comes with free shipping. Here's the link to buy it:

Buy Wireless Car Mount from Choetech


Here are some of the compatible smartphones which support wireless charging and will work well with this charging stand and car mount.

Fast Charging (10W Max)

Samsung S10, S9, Note 9, Note 8, S8, S8+, S7, S7 Edge, S6 Edge+

Fast Charging (7.5W Max)

Apple iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR

Standard Charging (5W)

Samsung S6, S6 Edge, Nokia 9, Nexus 5/6 and other Qi-enabled devices.

Should you buy it?

So this was our review of Choetech's wireless charging stand and wireless car mount. Choetech is offering these wireless chargers at attractive prices and we are satisfied with the performance as well. Wireless charging is here to stay and soon we will be seeing mid-range phones with wireless charging. Wireless charging isn't as fast as wired charging but it is convenient for sure. You can keep a charging pad near your bedside or on your office table and keep your phone on it to charge it.

If you would like to buy a wireless charger from Flipkart or Amazon in India, check out the list of best wireless chargers in India.

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