iPhone X Face ID: How it works and How accurate is it?

Updated on 2017-11-05 by Shivam Setia

iPhone X has been in a lot of talks after its launch, especially because of the price it was launched at $999. Yes, $999. As known, the iPhone X comes with a face detection unlocking,  and here we bring you details of how face detection works and how to get started with it and also talk about how accurate is Apple's Face ID.

apple iphonex face id

How Face ID works?

In this era of innovation and with Apple entry into face detection, the phenomenon of face unlocking has got the limelight, which it could not get earlier. Previously, the phone manufacturers used to use the front camera to take a flat photo of you and match the passcode. But Apple with iPhone X comes with TrueDepth sensor, which takes in a lot of hardware sensors in a little space on the top. It consists of the front-facing camera, microphone, speaker, ambient light and proximity sensors, infrared camera, dot projector and flood illuminator (Phew! That's all).

iphone x top notch display

So the process of detection goes like this, whenever you glance at the iPhone X, it detects your face with a flood illuminator. The IR camera takes an IR image. The dot projector fires more than 30,000 invisible IR dots, this IR image in the dot pattern is processed through the neural network, which creates a mathematical model of your face and checks with the stored image to unlock the phone and yes, all this happens in real time. It's great. It's incredible.

As per Apple's SVP, Philip Schiller, face id used over a billion of images to build a neural network, that was used for machine learning, which led to the foundation to Apple's first ever neural engine named A11 Bionic Neural Engine.

It is simply amazing how Apple is breaking some grounds with this Face Id by fitting everything into a thin, narrow phone. 

Is your Face Id data Secure? Apple claims that they don't store any of your face recognition in the cloud but use an encrypted memory space on the phone itself, making it private and speedy. Though Apple uses these data for the Face ID to grow and become better, it basically learns and improves using machine learning from the data given to it, and this also runs locally on your phone and nowhere on the cloud.

How to setup face id detection of iPhone X?

Source : YouTube

Excited after setting this up. Lets experiment.

Details about the iPhone X Face ID. How Accurate is Face ID?

It is the first Apple device to be launched with face detection which essentially replaces the fingerprint sensor. The company claims Apple's Face ID is more secure than touch ID. The face id algorithm has 1-in-1 million acceptance rate while the Touch ID has 1 in 50,000 so the face detection is twice secure. During the launch, Apple did warn that the acceptance rate could be lower for people with very similar DNA, like in identical twins. Apple Face ID was tested by creating a neural network with a database of more than a billion of images. It is surely an out of league work that Apple has done. 

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Can twins trick iPhone X face detection?

Business Insider tried their best to trick iPhone X and check out what happened.

Source : YouTube

Tech Insider could not breach the iPhone X face detection, as the twins were not exactly the same.

Now it was Mashable turn to trick the iPhone X

Source : YouTube

Finally, they did it. Mashable got the perfect twins to beat iPhone X.  Though Mashable could trick the face id with identical twins, face detection was proved really powerful even when the person was wearing a hat or scarf, it could detect them positively very smoothly. And obviously, it could not be fooled by photos or videos of the face. Also, the number of twins in the world is expected to be around 30 per 1000 people and the number of identical twins would be very lower, so it should not be a concern for Apple as of now.

But you be careful if you have a twin and you own an iPhone X. (And we are not kidding). Do have a passcode.

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In the meanwhile, have a look at the IP67 rating that comes with iPhone X and understand what it means.

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