Apple iPhone X Plus: Price in India, Specs, Images and Release Date

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Apple iPhone X Plus Expected price, specs, and release date in India

Apple iPhone X Plus: Rumours, Speculations and More

KGI Securities Analyst, Ming Chi-Kuo has a long history and reputation of having the perfect Apple spoilers. Nearly every speculation/report by Kuo proves out to be true, making him the best sources for the Apple scoop. In his latest report just a couple of days after the super-hyped-super-loved iPhone X, Kuo suggests that Apple is going full kamikaze with the full-screen approach along with tighter FaceID integration along all its product lineups. According to him, Cupertino boys are working hard to launch 2 new iPhone models next September. iPhone 8 could be the last one with that surfboard design, the new ones coming right in with bezel-less fronts and yeah, with some top-notch work.

We might be seeing a new 6-inch edge to edge iPhone with an LCD (Retina Display) replacing the current iPhone 8 Plus and is expected to be priced around $649- $749.

The new iPhone X Plus, which many of the customers were dying for to be real is very much in the making, with a giant 6.4inch display that goes seamlessly edge to edge. The successor is supposed to look the same as the current iPhone X in just a larger body. No surprise, Apple is taking the best OLED display mate right into this iPhone X Plus as well, with an insane resolution and 480-500 PPI. That’s not all, We might be seeing a new 6-inch edge to edge iPhone 8S Plus with an LCD (Retina Display) replacing the current iPhone 8 Plus and is expected to be priced around $649- $749. Do you hate the notch? Or do you kind of embrace it? Well, its time to join the second camp because Apple is not letting the notch down.

Apple iPhone X Plus 2018 Expected Size

In every one of these models, you will witness a more advanced TrueDepth system, powering FaceID.

So to summarise, 2018 will see a new iPhone lineup, starting on the higher end with the supposed iPhone X Plus, with a giant 480-500 PPI OLED, edge to edge display. Followed by the 5.8 inch iPhone X (Second generation, or How about, Mavericks?) and another iPhone 8S Plus with a 6-inch edge to edge LCD display. In his note, Kuo says, the lower end iPhone (yet handsomely expensive) will lie in the $650-$750 bracket and will house all the sensors as on the iPhone X with that lovely notch.

A good news for your pockets is, that according to the report, Apple isn’t focusing on going beyond the much argued $999 mark with the iPhones.

A good news for your pockets is, that according to the report, Apple isn’t focusing on going beyond the much argued $999 mark with the iPhones. So if you were in fear that the next iPhone X Plus is going to be around thousand bucks! chill out, buddy. This is a speculation/prediction by KGI Securities and might not be perfectly accurate but given past record of Kuo and his predictions, one can’t take his words lightly. And for the ones expecting the headphone jack to be back, No boys, leave that hope and the notch isn’t leaving you either, so start loving it.

iPhone X Plus Specifications

Really man? iPhone X is out and it hasn’t been a month and you seek specifications for iPhone X Plus. Well, we are not very sure about the power this mystical beast will pack but its safe to assume, given past trends that -

1. A bigger, beautiful and insanely sharp 6.4inch OLED display with 480-500 PPI

2. An Apple-designed custom in-house beast, named Apple A12 ‘Marketing Codename’, I hope it not be ‘High Bionic’ like ‘High Sierra’. This chipset again is gonna roast all the snapdragons and exynos-es out there.

3. Better camera sensors, with some more level of sophistication to portrait lighting and portrait mode selfies.

4. Yeah, that notch is still there, with some more advancements.

5. Animoji could get more rad!

6. A bigger battery, Who doesn’t like more juice?

7. No headphone jack, No surprise.

8. A new iOS, which definitely needs a big overhaul, in my opinion. Plus you will see more focus AR/VR apps.

9. On storage side, you can expect minimum 128GB storage with 3 or 4GB RAM.

Apple iPhone X Plus Price in India

According to Kuo, Apple is not looking to go over that giant $1000 mark, neither do the customers. That’s generous of you, Apple. Well, what this signifies is that the iPhone X Plus would be somewhere around $999 with the iPhone X(second generation) around $899. Which ultimately means that the best time to buy the iPhone X is still ahead of us.

These are all speculations and could be very well wrong, so don’t hold expectations of a meteoric price drop. In Indian terms, The prices of the iPhone X Plus won’t be very much different from the iPhone X this year so you expect it to cost around Rs.1 lac and iPhone X might slump into the Rs. 65k-80k price bracket.

iPhone X Plus Release Date

Apple is very traditional with the iPhone launches, so if there’s one thing we are certain of, the new iPhones will be launched before the awe-struck world in the second week of September 2018. Hold tight! India release is expected to be in the end of September 2018.

iPhone X Plus Design and Images

Here are a few renders, you iPhone lovers! Thanks to iDropNews for these images.

iPhone X Plus Front Display Image

iPhone X Plus Back Glass Image

iPhone X ‘Plus’ : SuggestPhone’s Wrap up

It is very very and very early to comment on the pricing, release date and specifications of the new iPhone X Plus. As with all the speculations, take these details with a pinch of salt. Original iPhone X Plus, if it does feature is almost a year ahead. Apple as always is Apple and sealed lips, everywhere. No official announcements or sneak peaks suggest anything about these new iPhones.
If there’s one thing we are sure of then it's that, the new iPhones are gonna break the gorgeous-ness meter of smartphones along with the raw power they behold.

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