Apple iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2XL : A Detailed Comparison

Updated on 2017-11-03 by Tejas Upmanyu

Apple iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL Detailed Comparison Cover Image

Huh! Finally, here we are. The day when we can definitively pit Google’s best in the smartphone to Apple’s and get some quality comparison instead of mere speculation and guesswork, apparently Internet has been flooded with such articles already and you might be wondering, why SuggestPhone is so late to the party. Let me answer you with the least number of words possible, “because we deliver quality stuff and actual, conclusive and definitive reviews instead of speculation.” Since the much top of the line coveted iPhone X is out in open now, we are in a position to give you a detailed comparison, helping you to put your fortune in a better choice. 

So, enough of foreplay, let’s talk business. The iPhone X is finally out in open, starting pre-orders on 27th of October and will be available for retail on 3rd of November. On the other hand, the ‘Nemesis’ is already out in open, yes we are talking about the super-loved but lately in controversy Google Pixel 2 XL. We are talking about two, inarguably best of their world smartphones, One embodying all that Apple stands for and other with all the wits of Google behind it. The question ‘Which big-budget beauty deserves your hard earned cash?’ begs an answer. 

This autumn, tech-giants Apple, and Google put before world their best in smartphones, the world has ever seen.

Both are top of the line flagships that are of course going to cost a huge chunk of your money. So this becomes indeed important to determine, what’s really best for you? Let’s compare the behemoths of a smartphone in several key areas. 

Apple iPhone X design

Apple iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL: Design and Build

Here, I’d definitely give it to Apple, to drastically change the iPhone design, which has been pretty much same for past 2-3 years and it actually got a bit boring with the rest of the Industry taking that design language and making it available in every budget segment. So, a big thumbs up to Apple for the iPhone design. That said, Google also did some investment in the design of Pixel lineup with that minimal bezel design of Pixel 2 XL and who doesn’t love the ‘Panda’ Black and White model?

Both the smartphones look great and reflect the emphasis on design language by both Apple and Google.

Apple has always been about design and crafting pretty little things, but Google surprised everyone by shipping Pixel 2 XL with a familiar but still new design of Pixel 2 XL. 

Google Pixel 2 Design

Google’s best features a sturdy metal build with rubberized polish on back making it easier to hold and feels nice in hand. The shiny part on the upper portion looks great. iPhone X, on the other hand, is strongly built with silver steel rims that go around the chassis and a glass back, Apple claims it to be the strongest glass on a smartphone but in the end, its glass guys? Being glass, the back of the iPhone X is shiny and looks super-premium, also a big fingerprint magnet. 

Google’s design is more subtle and more ‘practical’ with no or minimal shiny, glossy and shimmering parts, that might appeal to you if you are a minimalist. I got to say this, If you want your smartphone to look like a flagship and the best out there, Google’s Pixel 2 XL doesn’t live up to that. Its practical and minimal, frankly saying doesn’t look like the giant it is. 

Apple on the other side has put all it has learned over years in design. iPhone X is the culmination of all Apple ever wanted, since the original iPhone: All Screen.

The iPhone X looks top of the line premium and nothing looks more premium in front of this beauty.

Both the smartphone have been dropping bezels, Apple has taken this to all new level, more so than any other smartphone manufacturer out there. The only on-screen component you can find in front is the notch on the top that houses Apple’s state of the art Truedepth Camera system.  For some, the notch is the deal breaker and destroys the design of the new iPhone. For me, its elegant given the technology it houses. Is it a break in a seamless design? Yes, but not to the degree that it makes the iPhone experience distorted. 

So, After careful consideration, we think that the Apple wins the design race with iPhone X, nothing comes close. Google certainly has a great design but when you talk about flagships, Pixel 2 XL doesn’t quite hit the mark, giving flagship appeal to viewers. Apple has always been about extraordinary design and it reflects truly and fully with the iPhone X.

Apple iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL: Display Comparison

iPhone X is out fresh and the Pixel 2 XL has been out in the hands of people for a few weeks now. In these few days, noises have been erupting from everywhere in the tech community mentioning noticeable issues with the Pixel 2 XL’s display. The smartphone flaunts an LG’s POLED 6-inch display with a resolution of 2,880 x 1,440 built for Google Daydream VR in mind.

On the other hand, iPhone X showcases the ‘Super Retina display’ as Apple calls it for the very first time. It is made by Samsung and is an OLED Panel, carefully ‘engineered’ and selected by Apple to be worthy of an iPhone, so they say.  The iPhone sports a 5.8-inch OLED panel with a resolution of 2,436 x 1,125.

Apple iPhone X Display and Features

iPhone X, Super Retina display: Image Credits  Slash Gear

Both displays are simply brilliant. But Google has faced a pretty bad week with cries from all around the world claiming the ‘Poor’ Pixel 2 XL display. The main issues regarding the display are that there is a blue tint on the display when you tilt your smartphone over by an angle of 45 or more. Which is not so big of an issue? Who sees their smartphone at that angle? secondly, Pixel’s display has shown early signs of OLED burn-ins. This has been a problem with OLED Panels from the beginning. The newer ones, however, have improved remarkably. Signs of burns in just a week is a big deal.

Google Pixel 2 XL Display Burn in issue

Next up, the colors are not very saturated and vibrant as on other smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8. Google claims that it has restricted the colors on Pixel to be more natural. In geeky terms, it only shows a limited portion of color gamut, which might appear dull and ‘very natural’ if going by Google. In my personal view, I find the colors to be very natural and not exactly a deal breaker. But it might be different for you, you might like a more vibrant and saturated screen. Although, this is a software feature and can be fixed by Google in an update if it gets adequate ‘Feedback’ on this.

The iPhone X, on the other hand, has simply one of the best displays and totally flagship worthy with rich crisp colors and contrast adjustment just great and super bright. The iPhone X’s Super Retina display is the best on an iPhone, undoubtedly. Is it the best on the market? Well, you’d have to wait out a while to know if there are any issues like Pixel 2 XL and how it fairs with other flagships on the market. In my personal view, the X’s display is awesome and you’ll agree to the fact that it is one of the few great displays out there.

Apple iPhone X in hand image

iPhone X Super Retina Display: Image Credits The Verge

So, summing it all up, Pixel 2 XL’s display is great and with all the natural colors it might be better for some and dull for others. In my opinion, other than the color issue, the other issues are rather significant for a flagship that has been just for a few days in the market. Google certainly needs to improve their display game. Its very disappointing to see a smartphone you spent so much on, to falter even a bit from its flagship-grade expectations. We aren’t sure about iPhone X’s display either, It will take a couple of weeks to determine how good an OLED panel it is. But initial impressions make it one of the best and a lot better than Google’s offering. So, Apple takes the prize in the display department. 
Google, tough luck, pal!

Apple iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL: Camera and Video Comparison

Google Pixel 2 XL Camera Snapshot

If there’s one thing Google has taken the world by storm over, then it is definitely the cameras and the software behind in the Pixel lineup.

If there’s one thing Google has taken the world by storm over, then it is definitely the cameras and the software behind in the Pixel lineup. Pixel 2 falls no short of the expectations. Google’s camera is simply the best combination of hardware and Machine learning that gives the best shots on a smartphone. The 2 XL has a single 12MP, f/1.8 lens. Which does more than you think a single lens camera can do? The camera takes single-lens-only on all the other smartphones out there sporting a dual-camera setup and outperforms most of them clearly. All praise to Google’s expertise in Machine Learning and Computational Photography. 

Shots on Pixel 2 are unbelievably crisp, sharp and realistic. It does all the bokeh-mode tricks with a single lens and a lot of software. The images do not look overwhelmingly sharpened or too much vivid to be true like the Samsung shooters. They are just breathtaking phenomenal and lifelike.

Pixel 2 XL Camera Sample

Some Great Shots on the Pixel 2 XL: Image Credits The Verge
Pixel 2 XL Indoor low light shot sample

We can’t lay more emphasis on the power of Pixel in camera. The DxO Mark score of 98 (Highest by a smartphone) just re-affirms our point. Though, we don’t take DxO mark claim at its face-value.

The iPhone X is Apple’s might in smartphone camera with a dual camera organization, which has been made into a vertical organization. Both are 12MP shooters with one being f/1.8 wide angle and f/2.4 telephoto. This time around, you get optical image stabilization on both.

Apple iPhone X Camera sample outdoor low light

Some Great Shots on the iPhone X: Image Credits CNET

With more light captured by the sensor, better low-light shooting thanks to the added optical stabilization on the second sensor, and improved HDR shooting, it should be Apple's best smartphone camera to date. And the second sensor brings improved Portrait shots, along with the cool new Portrait Lighting feature, which lets you tweak the scene around your subject. This is Apple’s push into software augmentation for its already brilliant cameras. We find that the camera performance is as good as it gets on an iPhone. The images are, no short of great. With vivid colors, dual-camera tricks done perfectly now on both front and rear cameras. 

iPhone X portrait shot samples

The camera is extremely great and totally deserves its spot. Besides still shots, iPhone is great on the video front with dual optical image stabilization. With all this, the camera on the iPhone X is certainly one of the best and gets really really close to Pixel 2 XL’s. The difference is not very noticeable. With all the software juice, Pixel just manages to graze past iPhone in the camera department. It must be highlighted that iPhone X does better on the video front. If you are more into videos, you’ll love the iPhone X more with its better video capabilities. 

With a close call, the winner here is Google’s Pixel XL 2. iPhone is equally great with the camera, but given Google’s software might, Pixel 2 just inches ahead in the smartphone camera race.

With a close call, the winner here is Google’s Pixel XL 2. iPhone is equally great with the camera, but given Google’s software might, Pixel 2 just inches ahead in the smartphone camera race. If that little difference is of much importance to you, Pixel 2 is for you.

Apple iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL: Compute Power and Graphics

The iPhone X houses Apple’s custom designed A11 Bionic and 3GB of RAM, while the Pixel 2 gets the best of Qualcomm with Snapdragon 835 coupled with 4GB of RAM. If you have been in the loops, you might have heard, “A11 Bionic utterly crushed Snapdragon 835 in benchmarks” There, I said it in the nicest way possible. A11 packs nearly double the horsepower than Snapdragon 835, the difference is rather staggering.

A11 packs nearly double the horsepower than Snapdragon 835, the difference is rather staggering.

Apple claims it to be the fastest chip in a smartphone and no one disagrees, not even Qualcomm. With iOS being better with RAM, the difference in RAM has never meant much for the iPhones. Apple has 3GB RAM stuffed in here, but this ultra-efficient, mega-powered system-on-a-chip comes out well ahead of the smartphone competition in testing.

Apple iPhone X A11 Bionic Chip

You might not see that big of a difference in real-world usage, but the power is there to tap on if developers need it – and it might emerge at some point down the line. Plus, iOS 11 is super speedy. Both of these will pack more than enough power and a godly punch in the processor race. So if you are more into power, then close your eyes and go for iPhone X. It has more than you’ll ever need. It even beats most laptops when it comes to that, making it more future proof as every iPhone.

So if you are more into power, then close your eyes and go for iPhone X. It has more than you’ll ever need.

Apple A11 Bionic Crushes Snapdragon 835 based Flagships in Benchmarks.

Apple A11 Bionic vs Snapdragon 835 Benchmark results
When it comes to graphics and compute, there’s not much left to say after A11 Bionic pitches in.  There’s not even a sliver of a question who wins this race. Apple iPhone X can beat Pixel 2 XL twice over, so to say in this department, all thanks to the bionic booster. 

iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL: ‘Facing’ the Security Challenges

To be or notch to be, that is the question

Apple has got some new tricks up its sleeve in security starting from iPhone X. Cupertino boys have ditched the much loved and personal, Touch ID security mechanism which got the industry rolling towards fingerprint sensors on smartphones. This feels a bit awkward and uncomfortable given our reliance on Touch ID and Home button. Since, the iPhone X got a lot leaner on the front, Touch ID along with Home button is no more. Sad News!

iphone x top notch on the display

Don’t worry says Apple. Cupertino has come up with a new and more secure mechanism that is ultimately effortless and convenient. Its called ‘Face ID’ and as you guessed, It has got to do with your face being your password. It is as simple as looking at your smartphone and Zapp! it unlocks in an instant.

As said earlier, the notch on top houses state of the art sensors that make the Face ID ultimately secure and trustworthy. It floods IR dots on your face and measures the depth map of your face, which then goes through the neural engine on the A11 Bionic If you are the one, It’ll unlock in an instant, totally effortless and no less than magical because this Facial recognition mechanism is actually times better and leagues apart then the ones we’ve seen in the past such as on Galaxy S8. The iPhone X cannot be fooled with a photo, S8 can be fooled. It works even in the dark and don’t worry your girlfriend won’t be able to unlock your phone by pointing it at your face while you are asleep. Face ID works only when you are ‘you’, looking at your smartphone with your eyes open.

Apple iPhone X Face ID

Face ID is very smart and learns as your face changes, adapting automatically. So no issues if you grow your facial hair or wear a cap or some nice glasses. It will still unlock. Apple claims Face ID to be awesome, we are yet to see any issues but none as of now. It just works as Apple products always are. 

Google Pixel 2 XL, on the other hand, doesn’t try out anything new as the iPhone in this area. Google sticks with the old and gold fingerprint sensor at the back, which is very fast and familiar with the masses. 

iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL: Storage and Battery

Google built Pixel to be the iPhone of the Android world, and it has been closely successful in that pursuit. With pretty similar traits, Both the devices come in fixed storage versions of 64GB and 256GB for the X. Pixel 2 XL comes with the same 64GB and 128GB Models. And this comes as no surprise that you can’t expand memory on both the devices. Google generously offers free unlimited storage for your photos and videos on Google Photos, whereas Apple too has the offering but it comes with a price on top of initial 5GB quota. 

When it comes to battery, Pixel 2 XL takes the award on paper with 3520mAh battery. Apple here gets a little too scarce as always with a 2716mAh battery in the iPhone X. Actual life usage results are yet to be out yet. But both the smartphones should last the day. The battery life on both the flagships should be more of the same. Until battery results are out, we won’t be putting specific numbers here. Though, In my view iPhone X will outperform the Pixel 2 XL due to higher efficiency of iOS (Don’t laugh, iOS 11.1 has got its battery mojo back and should be out for an update very soon) and new OLED Panel which consumes considerably less power. 

Summing it all up, both the smartphones are extremely rich in battery juice, Apple’s offering might not look like much on paper but it has always been like that. With the efficiency and system wide improvements, iPhone X should have a better battery output. Results are yet to be out so no definitive results there. Given the history of iPhones lasting more on smaller batteries, we’ll give iPhone X the benefit of doubt.

iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL: Special Features

Okay, Google (Pun definitely Intended) has always been ahead of its Apple counterpart, Siri. And that forms a significant part of the Pixel experience. Google has baked the assistant right into Pixel with Ultra-Edge feature debuting in the Pixel, All thanks to the HTC deal.

Google Lens demo snapshot

This means that the Assistant is more close, with just a squeeze on the chassis of your Pixel 2, it pops out and is ready with some all-new pixel exclusive tricks, the best being Google Lens, Which might look like revised Google glasses to you, but this time around it is a lot better and seamless. (RIP, Google Glass).

Google Assistant is way better than Siri in understanding you and getting things done, no surprise given Google’s superpowers in data and search. Siri has definitely improved over past, but Assistant takes the show here. 

Google Pixel 2 XL Music

Pixel 2 also comes with a new ‘Now Playing’ feature, which lets the device display the name of the song, playing in the surroundings and displays in on the lock screen. It can also give you details about the song and take you to a music service such as Spotify and Play Music. The great thing about it is that it happens offline and just automatically on the lock screen. With an offline database of songs on the phone, the results are not always on spot but that’s a tradeoff for keeping it all on a device. I personally find the feature engaging.

Apple iPhone X Notch

As once a wise man said, ‘With better technology, comes better features”

With that state of the art, TrueDepth camera system up at the top, Apple ships some really advanced technology. As once a wise man said, ‘With better technology, comes better features” so is the case. Apart from bokeh-mode on the front, the system also allows for some super cool and fun ‘Animojis’ that’s Animated Emojis, no big deal, right? but they are quite a fun to play with. The camera captures intricate muscle movement of your face and maps it to a set of emojis to create 10-second videos that you can sure on iMessages. It looks stupid because it is, but it is super awesome, you won’t be able to resist to try out the Panda Animoji.

iPhone X Animoji iOS 11 FeaturePhil Schiller, SVP Apple talking about Animoji at iPhone Event. Image Credits: Wired

The glass back allows for Qi-enabled wireless charging for the iPhone X, and also enables you to break it down quite easily. Simply saying, handle with care. Both the devices are IP67 dust and water resistant and as a matter of fact, the same Google who made fun of Apple ditching the headphone jack has just buried it quietly with Pixel 2. That’s bad Google!

In specialties, I think there is no clear winner here, If you like Assistant very much then Pixel 2 is the winner for you, If you are into Siri and Animoji craving, iPhone X is for you.

iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL: Augmented Reality 

Augmented Reality (AR) is the new world where Google is starting a fight with Apple, who already established iOS as the world’s biggest AR platform with the release of iOS 11, and in a few nights via updates, everyone on the Apple ship got a brand new world to play with. 

AR on Apple iPhone X and iOS 11

Google despite its longing efforts on the ‘Tango’ Project for AR didn’t catch any attention. Looking at the things, one could assume that Apple would do AR with some additional hardware and Google being the software powerhouse will do it on existing hardware with some magical software update, well that school of thinking turned upside down with the release of ARKit by Apple. 

Google accepted its defeat quite early and left the ‘Tango’ project in a hurry to do something with software like Apple, which gave birth to ARCore. Google’s answer to ARKit, as always with Android, ARCore is still available on a very few selected phones including Pixel 2 XL. 

If you wanna catch some cool Augmented Reality work, you are more likely to be happy with Apple’s Platform.

If you wanna catch some cool Augmented Reality work, you are more likely to be happy with Apple’s Platform. As the developers are more active and you’ll find more content on the App Store due to the fact that AR is available on a major portion of iOS devices compared to a few Pixel 2s and Galaxy S8s out there. Apple’s lead in Augmented Reality takes it for the Win here.

Apple iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL: Price and Availability

Both the devices lie on the higher end of the price spectrum for smartphones, no surprise they are top of the line ‘Future Vision’ of Smartphones for Apple and Google. 

The Pixel 2 XL starts at $849 internationally and at INR 73,000 for the base 64GB model in India, whereas the iPhone X is more pricey with a price tag of $999 internationally and INR 89,000 for the base 64GB model in India. 

As far as availability is concerned, the Pixel 2 XL is already available for sale online on Flipkart. The iPhone X started pre-orders on October 27th on Flipkart and Amazon. It will be available for retail on November 3rd. 

The Apple iPhone X, due to its difficulties in manufacturing has limited stocks as the report suggests and will be a more exotic smartphone to get. Which is not the case with Pixel 2.

Buy iPhone X from Flipkart 

Buy iPhone X from Amazon India

If you are from US then here's the link for iPhone X on

For a final verdict, do take a look at major specifications of both the devices.

iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL: Specifications Comparison

Pixel 2 XL and Apple iPhone X Spec Comparison

Apple iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2 XL: The Judgement Day

In this rather long but engaging battle, you got to see the best of both the smartphones, one that redefines Android flagships and other that takes Apple to its future quests with the iPhone. Which one will you put your money on? That’s a question we feel you are in a better sense to answer after this engaging read. Which one does suit your expectations of a smartphone better? That’s a very personal and subjective question, only you can answer.

Which software platform are you more comfortable with and love also has a huge impact on your choice. iOS and Android are the world’s best Mobile Operating Systems. With both getting better and better after every release. What do you love? The customisability and freedom of Android or the simplicity, efficiency, and elegance of iOS? That’s your choice to make and will determine your smartphone of choice. 

Apart from this, SuggestPhone’s Judgement goes like this - 

 If you desire practicality and minimalistic design, seek the best camera out there, coupled with the freedom and Power of Android in a flagship-grade hardware by Google matched with a slightly lesser price tag, Pixel 2 XL is your dream smartphone.

On the other hand,

If you are all in for the premium and beautiful design by Apple, seek a hell of powerhouse enclosed in the most beautiful and elegant of enclosures, partnered with one the best camera in a smartphone, driven by simplicity, efficiency and unbelievable power of iOS and its Ecosystem of Apps. iPhone X is made of dreams for you. Brace yourselves to spend considerably more for this new found love.”

iPhone X marks the Apple’s journey and forward thinking towards the next generation of iPhones

Google Pixel 2 XL is Google’s vision of the smartphone, one which is familiar yet impressive, building on the best of the present. Whereas, iPhone X marks the Apple’s journey and forward thinking towards the next generation of iPhones, beginning 10 years after the original iPhone.

That’s all folks! Did you like our take on the iPhone X vs Pixel 2 XL? Do give us a shoutout on Facebook and make sure to follow us on Twitter for similar and quality technical articles.

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