Upcoming Smartphones in India in 2018

Updated on 2018-01-09 by Tejas Upmanyu

Best Upcoming smartphones in India in 2018

The Future Is Here.

Top Upcoming Smartphones from 2018

Didn’t we tell you we can see future? The future is pretty much at your doorstep with 2017 ebbing away with all Its glory and success, we are quite excited and forward-looking for 2018. Who said you couldn’t see the future? We at SuggestPhone deeply value you, so here is a peek into the most popular, hyped and dazzling smartphones from 2018, we know you are craving to know more about.

1. Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

Samsung Galaxy S9 upcoming smartphone in India

Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ Leaked Renders - Photo Credits :OnLeaks

Do we need to tell you about this? Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ is painting the internet in love, for over a month now since Qualcomm released the Snapdragon 845: The Android Flagship SoC for 2018. Samsung is making quite a comeback, which really feels strong at the top end of Its smartphone spectrum. Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ moved in a different league with comprehensive improvements in all departments of a smartphone, whether it be the display or even batteries.

Samsung also won most awards at SuggestPhone TBT 2017, ya know that’s enough to tell the Korean giant is onto somethin’ big. Samsung is not holding back since recent reports of Samsung all geared up to launch Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ in early 2018. Some other renders and leaks are also floating around all over the Internet and man! the smartphone is indeed a piece of beauty. Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ is not a big design revolution from Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, except the fact that the bezels seem more pushed to edges now, both on top and bottom. On the front, you have that same gigantic and enormously beautiful Infinity Display. The powerhouse rocks a Snapdragon 845, coupled with 4GB of RAM.

Apart from that, there were rumours of inclusion of in-screen fingerprint scanner, the one developed by Synaptics, conveniently called ClearID, the recent reports don’t suggest that happening. We are sure to have an IP68 certification for all your carelessness. Looking at the renders, It looks like Samsung has finally decided to address the beef of reviewers and consumers like us to reposition that fingerprint scanner, so It is now positioned below the camera lens, although we still feel Its too close to the camera lens, that occasionally your hand might land on the lens instead. 

The biggest news is that Samsung is copying Apple all over again, no not the looks or removal of 3.5mm jack, we are talking about Apple’s most underrated strategy that ensures success of iPhone and iPhone Plus models alike, besides the larger screen, Apple gives more to look out for in the plus models, yeah you are right, the dual camera setup. Samsung has finally decided to go onto this path by keeping only a single sensor on Samsung Galaxy S9 and making it dual on the Galaxy S9+. Smart move Samsung, though it comes late. The camera sensors would definitely improve, would It be able to overtake Pixel 2? that’s a burning question, which would have to wait until the Galaxy S9/S9+ come out.  Alongside, we expect an improved and 3D-capable facial recognition system in competition to FaceID.

2. LG G7

Believe it or not, LG G7 was one of the most underrated and complete smartphones of the year 2017. We talked at length about why LG isn’t getting that much attention which It deserves, all due to overshadowing by the likes of Samsung and OnePlus. If LG wants to bring on some serious competition in 2018, It really needs to up its game in all departments like Samsung did with Samsung Galaxy S8.

LG G6 was a great smartphone of 2017 but ran on a chipset from late 2015. LG made a big mistake by packing G6 with Snapdragon 821, while all others were boasting Snapdragon 835, we hope LG is going to make amends and the G7 will feature Snapdragon 845, though we are not very sure about it. The smartphone is expected to have the same 4GB of RAM, which is sufficient if not the largest. We are expecting a facial recognition-based authentication system because FaceID is the new cool as everything Apple does is. (Try slowing down Androids, Apocalypse!) The modular phase seems almost dead, so a more premium edge to edge OLED display, ditching the LCD with minimal bezels is expected, though we a not a big fan of LG displays, LG has a good chance of proving us wrong this time. The ClearID as mentioned above doesn’t seem possible in G7, while LG V40 has a good chance of sporting the feature, late in 2018.

Apart from that, we are looking at LG to keep all the features LG G6 had, which made the smartphone close to complete. A dual front camera like the Samsung A8 is also expected with pumped up quality from the last iteration of camera sensors on G6. LG G7 is also rumoured to pack a mighty 8GB RAM in the high model. The smartphone will remain IP68 certified, that’s a major thing for many. As with pricing, If LG can’t manage to get an X-factor for LG devices like Samsung or Apple or OnePlus, It should look at more aggressive pricing. The software overhaul we are looking for is unfound on the G7 as well. A better camera and improved battery life are in the cards as well. Don’t hold your breath with this one because LG isn’t looking for a poster phone in LG G7, instead of a low-cost flagship like the OnePlus. LG G7 is expected to be showcased at MWC in February 2018.

3. Nokia 9

We know you’ve heard a lot about the mighty Nokia 9, making Its comeback as the one true flagship from Nokia or HMD, if you like. Nokia 9 is expected to build on Nokia 8, with a more premium and sort of liquid metal design like the HTC U11, an edge to edge Samsung-OLED display that just leaves everyone’s jaws at the floor. The cameras on the back are to be obtained from Zeiss, with a dual setup (12MP + 13 MP) at the back and a single front shooter (5 MP) to impress you with selfies.

Nokia 9 leaked render

Nokia 9 Leaked Renders - Photo Credits: NDTV Gadgets

As of now, we know that Nokia 9 would be sporting a Snapdragon 835, which puts it in the same place at LG G6 was at the beginning of this year. The smartphone would come packed with 6GB of RAM for all your multitasking dreams. The Nokia 9 is mostly a 2017 flagship, launched in 2018. We already told you about it in detail, remember?


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4. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Yeah, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is barely out and we are already talking about Galaxy Note 9. So what’s new in the Samsung house? There are not much concrete details as of now, as the smartphone will launch sometime in next September/October. What we do know is that It’ll feature a Snapdragon 845 at its core, supported by a 8GB of RAM. Samsung officials were heard talking about improved S-Pen features.

As of now, we expect the aforementioned ClearID from Synaptics to make it into the Note 9 on time. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is expected to have a bigger battery, since Samsung has learned how to make big batteries, safely. The display is also expected to stretch more to the ends of the body with Note 9. The dual camera organisation is expected to be in place as it was in 2018. The foldable concept is not ready for 2018, so don’t hold your breath.  

5. Xiaomi Mi 7

Fulfilling the promises made on the stage of Snapdragon summit, Xiaomi is all ready for Its next bout with Xiaomi’s all-time favourite Mi series’ next, the Mi 7. The Mi 7 is rumoured to feature a full bar design with minimal curves and a full-screen display in front with the front minimal bezels at the top to hold the front camera and speakers. The renders suggest that Mi 7 is bound to be an absolute beauty with that full edge to edge display. The 6-inch bezel-less screen is an OLED at 18:9 aspect ratio. No doubts about Mi 7 to be powered by a Snapdragon 845 and will the first to sport the flagship SoC in 2018.  Rumours suggest 6GB of RAM and following Its Apple-love, Xiaomi is going all in for something like FaceID on the Mi 7. Xiaomi’s heavy inspiration from Apple is not news but as It appears Xiaomi is all set to enter the new year with Facial recognition as the main authentication mechanism. Xiaomi is not alone in this trend. 

xiaomi mi 7 bezel less leaked render

Xiaomi Mi 7 Leaked Renders - Photo Credits: GizChina

As were rumours earlier, that Xiaomi could be the featuring an in-screen fingerprint sensor on the Mi 7, that’s not happening guys. Mi 7 will give a bleeding competition to most flagships of the year in all areas but one. Cameras. Xiaomi has never been strong in cameras and the Chinese manufacturer doesn’t appear to be even making significant efforts towards improving smartphone photography on its smartphones. So, If you, like me place smartphone photography in high regard, however beautiful it may be, Mi 7 is not for you. Although its an absolute mammoth at the price. 

6. HTC U12

HTC U12 upcoming smartphone in India leaked render by Suggest phone

After selling most of Its Engineering prowess to Google, HTC is expected to launch a very few, selected devices now onwards, starting 2018.  The Taiwanese manufacturer is about to turn up the count to 12 on Its praised U series of flagships and high-end smartphones. The HTC U12 is expected to come in May 2018 with a top of line Snapdragon 845 and 4GB of RAM, which is big enough for most demanding tasks. The U12 is expected to push the camera race forward with a dual camera setup, maintaining HTC’s legacy of great smartphone photography.

The U12 is likely to continue on the new ‘liquid-design’ philosophy of HTC, first seen with U11, that is absolutely beautiful. What looks really tempting is that HTC U12 is expected to sport a 4K LCD display, yeah you heard that right at a pixel density of 534, the 18:9 edge to edge display is bound to drive us nuts. Android Oreo is at the centre of the device with an average 3000mAh battery juice pack. The front shooter is expected to be a 16MP sensor which will delight selfie lovers. We don’t know if the much loved Active Edge will return to U12 since Google got it on Pixel 2. We expect HTC to put up a hell of a competition with U12.

HTC U12 Render Confirms an All Screen display: Suggest Phone

7. HTC U11+ (Mid Range Version)

New reports suggest that HTC is all geared up to feature a new mini version of HTC U11+ in January, which will be a mid-range powerhouse. The smartphone will feature a Snapdragon 652, coupled with 4GB of RAM. The main attraction could be the 6-inch, 18:9, edge to edge LCD up front on the device, which will start at 64 GB of base storage. This HTC U11+ could be understood as a new, hashed, longer-lasting version of HTC U11, at a lower price with mid-range specs. The new HTC is expected to launch in January in a few nations, we don’t know If India is on the list, but we hope for the device to reach Indian shores. 


8. Moto G6 Plus

We already shared the latest leaks about Moto G6 here. Moto’s prized G series in India is expected to get its successor in form of Moto G6 Plus, which will be a mid-segment thunder with a little disappointing Snapdragon 630, backed by 4GB of RAM. The device boasts a Full HD 1080p LCD display up front, with the vision of going bezel-less manifesting itself here. Moto G6 Plus would be priced at around Rs. 16000, and sure looks a nemesis to the likes of upcoming Redmi smartphones and the next-gen Mi A1.

The G6 Plus is keeping the dual camera setup from its predecessor G5S plus, at a configuration of 13MP + 13MP, f/2.0, the camera is really great at the price, at I would pick it over Mi A1 any day. The front looks bright, with an improved 12MP shooter, coupled with a flash for the love of selfies. The G6 Plus will be landing with a 3300 mAh juice pack, a minor upgrade over G5S Plus. The device as it comes with extreme happiness for Moto lovers will be running on Android Oreo, out of the box. These additions to the already wildly popular G series with take Moto to a new lead over competitors

Check out the expected specifications, features and release date of Moto G6 Plus

9. OnePlus 6

You can’t possibly think of future and settle just there without the ‘Never Settling’ champion of budget causes. OnePlus has been on uncharted highs with the success of OnePlus 5T. These guys are really hardworking when it comes to launching new smartphones, making it a distress for many OnePlus Fans. So once again, for the frowned faces OnePlus 5T  users, OnePlus is headstrong with OnePlus 6, next in the line. The device like all other flagships of 2018, will feature a Snapdragon 845, accompanied by 6GB/8GB of RAM. (Thank the lord, they are not thinking of 10GB as of now!)

The footprint will be of the same size as of the OnePlus 5T, with bezels being pushed to edges. The front is packed with dual-front cameras  (16MP+16MP), and the back is embellished with dual camera setup (20MP + 21MP), as rumours suggest. OnePlus 6 will launch sometime around May 2018 at a price tag of around 40,000. We expect OnePlus to keep the forever loved 3.5mm jack as on the 5T and the battery is expected to go up to 4000mAh, doesn’t that sound like bells of the best budget smartphone of 2018 from SuggestPhone?

10. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

Xiaomi Redmi note 5 leaked render

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Leaked Renders: Photo Credits: PhoneArena

The Xiaomi Redmi series is bound to be a success in 2018 as well with recent extensive budget offerings like the Redmi 5A and the Redmi 5 along with the new Redmi Y series. The stage is all set for the king of the budget arena of 2018, Xiaomi Redmi Note 5.

As of now, Redmi Note 5 is expected to be powered by a Snapdragon 630 with a company of 3GB of RAM in the base model. The smartphone will begin with 32GB of storage in the base model and will go up to 64GB. Of course, the race to ditch bezels has now come to the budget segment as well. Redmi Note 5, showcases a 6 inch, 18:9 aspect ratio, Full HD 1080p display. As always, Xiaomi is packing the Redmi Note 5 with a giant number of 16MP at the rear and a 13MP sensor at the front, which we don’t expect to path-breaking, and you won’t too,

If you’ve been following Xiaomi for long enough. Sadly, the smartphone will run  of Android 7.0 Nougat with MIUI 9 on top, if that’s a relief. The battery is tipped to be of 3790 mAH which could’ve been a lot better, but we don’t know for sure until the smartphone is out in the open. For the price tag of around 12,000, the spec sheet of Redmi Note 5 is already giving me goosebumps and we are pretty sure, Its going to be a hit in 2018.  We wrote earlier too, about the Redmi Note 5, in details, don’t forget to check that out as well.


Wrapping Up

The Promises of 2018…

Don’t stick over to the marvels of 2017 in smartphone technology, 2018 promises beyond. And we are at the step of seeing those promises unfold with the release of every other smartphone in 2018, how they shape the smartphone industry and technology as a whole is a beautiful curve to endure. We’ll be riding right beside you in the year full of promises, 2018 to report what is happening and what it really means for you. What do you expect of smartphones in 2018? What smartphone are you waiting for in 2018? Which will be the most complete smartphone of the year 2018? Nominate your favourite one for the awards throughout the year on SuggestPhone. 

Thanks for being with us, all through 2017. If you haven’t, don’t forget to catch us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Medium too. If you liked this post, do give us frequent visits to check out some awesome quality technical content from SuggestPhone. Wishing you a fantastic new year 2018, from all of us at SuggestPhone. 

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