Realme 3 Pro vs Redmi Note 7 Pro Comparison of Camera, Battery and Performance

Updated on 2019-04-28 by Sylvester Avijit Gomes

Realme 3 Pro vs Redmi Note 7 Pro comparison

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note lineup has always been a major market dominator when it came to budget phones under the 20K price segment. This has mainly been due to a couple of reason. Best in class Snapdragon processor, largest possible battery capacity and a price point that’s difficult to beat. This was even more prominent this year with the  Samsung with its newly released M20 and M30 and Realme with its Realme series tried to come close but could never make the cut. Until the Realme 3 Pro released recently.

Well, to begin there are a couple of things similar between the 2 companies. The first being both were previously under the main sub-brand. Redmi being under Xiaomi and Realme being under Oppo. Both of them are standalone companies right now. Secondly, both the phones cost exactly the same at both the base and the top end model. And that’s pretty much all about them that’s common. Cause these 2 things aside these 2 are completely different phones in almost every aspect under the sun.

Let's begin our comparison of Realme 3 Pro vs Redmi Note 7 Pro and see which phone is better in various departments like build, design, battery, camera and performance.

Build and design Comparison:

Now we all know that budget phones never come with a good Gorilla Glass protection and a Gorilla Glass 5 is completely out of the question. Well, this year Redmi and Realme both broke this convention by providing a Gorilla Glass protection on both of there displays. Redmi went even further by providing the back of the Redmi Note 7 pro with a Gorilla Glass 5 too. Both phones have great tactile buttons. Both the phones have a down firing mono speaker. Both the phones have the much-loved headphone jack.

Well, let’s get to the differences then. The Redmi Note 7 Pro has a hybrid Sim slot i.e. 1 sim and 1 memory card or 2 Sim’s. Realme 3 Pro strikes right back as it has a dedicated memory card slot. However, the Note 7 Pro completely knocks out the competition by providing an IR blaster and wait for it, a USB Type C port. Realme 3 Pro provides only a MicroUSB port. This is disappointing in terms of following industry standard considering this that it is 2019 but Realme is providing VOOC fast charging anyways and is fulfilling the use case of a Type C Port. Note 7 Pro also comes with a P2i Nano coating. This basically makes the Note 7 pro water splash-resistant but not waterproof. However, it's pleasing to know that we have some sort of protection than having nothing as in the case of the Realme 3 Pro.
Winner: Redmi Note 7 Pro

Display Comparison:

The display is the most important feature in a smartphone as this is the section of a phone that you’d be communicating the most. Well both the phones are pretty much the same when it comes to their display. Screen size is exactly the same at 6.3 inches. Screen resolution is exactly the same at Full HD+ 2340x1080p. Plus both the phones have notches. The Note 7 Pro, however, has a U-shaped notch whereas the Realme 3 Pro has a V-shaped notch. It is up to the users which one they prefer. We would have called this round a tie but the Realme 3 Pro’s display hits a whopping 400 nits which is simply amazing for a phone priced under 15k. Now don’t get us wrong both the displays are great for content watching, they get the color correct and have great angle visibility. However, if we were to declare a winner, it would be the Realme 3 pro.

Winner: Realme 3 Pro

Battery and Charging Comparison:

Well if we were to describe the 2 phones battery capacities, the perfect word would be ‘Behemoth’. Yes, that what it’d be. The Note 7 Pro has a massive 4000mAh battery, classic Redmi! Realme 3 Pro pack in slightly, very slightly more punch at 4045mAh. Now it's true that a 45mAh bump will not make a massive difference. But what will be the way these big battery behemoths are recharged. Backup wise, you can expect a bit better performance from Note 7 Pro because of Redmi's optimizations. Still, with normal use, both phones will last for a day with heavy use and around 1.5 days for medium level usage.

The Note 7 pro comes with a 10W charger included in the box. Now the Note 7 Pro does support Quick Charge 4.0, however, you’d have to purchase the fast charger separately. Realme on the other end has completely dominated this part of the comparison. They not only packed that ever slightly larger battery but also made up for the use of the MicroUSB port by providing VOOC charger in the box. The included charger proposedly charges the Realme 3 Pro to 50% in 30 minutes. The VOOC charger literally charges at double the wattage at 20W than the one that comes stock with the Note 7 Pro. Now that is a really neat feature in my opinion.

Winner: Realme 3 Pro

Camera Comparison:

Now let’s talk about the camera department. Both the phones pack 3 cameras, 2 to the rear 1 to the front. The Note 7 Pro comes with a 48MP F1.79 primary camera which is assisted with a 5MP depth sensors and a 13MP sensor for selfies. Realme 3 Pro comes with a 16MP F1.7 primary shooter coupled with the same 5MP F2.4 depth shooter while the selfie scenario is handled by a whopping 25MP F2.0 shooter.

Now on paper, it sounds as if the Note 7 Pro is the clear winner when it comes to the rear cameras. Only on paper. This is because of the F1.7 16MP camera on the Realme 3 Pro takes pictures that the Note 7 Pro just fails to take. This by no means is to say that the one on the Note 7 Pro is a bad sensor or anything. It’s just this that the Realme 3 Pro collects far more details in the highlights than what the Note 7 Pro does.

But where the Note 7 Pro strikes back are in the level of overall detail of the pictures taken. The 5MP depth sensor on both the phones are pretty similar and does nothing other than providing shallow depth of field. The selfie camera is a clear winner for the Realme 3 Pro as this time around because of the same aperture and 25MP shooter on it selfies look much better and detailed on it. Both the phones also provide night photography, however, Realme again steals the cake in here as it is a better performer due to the lower aperture used. Night shots are more detailed on the Realme 3 pro. Overall both the cameras are great, but if we were to declare a winner it’d be the Realme 3 Pro.

Winner: Realme 3 Pro

Performance Comparison:

Now comes the section that’s probably going to declare the winner and or is going to make or break the deal for most of the customers. The performance on these 2 devices is actually very close. The Note 7 Pro comes with the 11nm built Snapdragon 675 and this is a great processor. However, the Realme 3 pro simply hits back with the first time use of the Snapdragon 710 processor under the 20K price mark.

The Snapdragon 675 is an octa-core processor with 6 Cortex-A55 and 2 Cortex-A76 cores and clocks at 2.0GHz. The Snapdragon 710, on the other hand, is an octa-core processor that has 2 A-75’s and 6 A-55’s which is clocked at 2.2ghz. Now the A-76 on the 675 is a slightly higher class than the A-75 on the 710 but the 710 is too nicely optimized. The 675 packs the Adreno 612 and the 710 carries the Adreno 616. The 616 is simply a better GPU than the 612. Multitasking is great on both phones with no lag whatsoever and the overall gaming performance is better on the Realme 3 Pro because of the better GPU.

Now we all know performance alone is not decided by the performance as the software running the show matters a lot. Well, the good news is both the phones are running on Android 9 Pie. However, the custom skins on the phones are run by 2 different interfaces. Note 7 Pro runs on MIUI 10 while the Realme 3 Pro runs on ColorOS 6. Now both of these skins are far away from stock android. However, if we were to choose between MIUI and ColorOS we’d choose MIUI. This is mainly because of the amount of polishing and evolution MIUI has received over the years. Now we personally believe that if the 2 phones went with stock android, they would have been the perfect mini pixel but it is not to say this that the 2 skins are bad. It's just too cluttered with features. The decision will completely boil down to personal preference. But yes, like other divisions of comparison we need to declare a winner and this round too goes to the Realme 3 pro.

Winner: Realme 3 Pro

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Features Comparison

Realme 3 Pro Features

  • 4 GB RAM | 64 GB ROM
  • 6.3" Full HD+ Display 1080p
  • Rear Camera: 16MP + 5MP
  • Front Camera: 25MP
  • 4045 mAh Battery
  • Best Price Rs. 13999

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro Features

  • 4 GB RAM | 64 GB ROM
  • 6.3" Full HD Plus Display 1080p
  • Rear Camera: 48MP + 5MP Dual Camera
  • Front Camera: 13MP
  • 4000 mAh Battery
  • Best Price Rs. 13999

Pros Comparison

Realme 3 Pro Pros

  • Snapdragon 710 is a powerful chipset and performs really well on Realme 3 Pro.
  • The rear dual camera and 25MP front selfie camera is capable of taking beautiful pictures.
  • The 4045 mAh battery would last for around 1.5 days with normal usage.
  • VOOC fast charging and included fast charger in the box is something new and exciting for a budget phone.
  • The performance of the phone is excellent. There's no lag while multitasking and gaming.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro Pros

  • Note 7 Pro comes with beautiful gradient color looks
  • Powered by Snapdragon 675 which is a very powerful processor for a budget range device.
  • Type C port and support for Quick charge 4.0 for fast charging.
  • Camera performance is excellent. The images are crisp, well saturated colors and a new night mode.
  • 4000 mAh battery easily provides a backup of more than 1.5 days.

Cons Comparison

Realme 3 Pro Cons

  • Type C charging port would have been a better choice.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro Cons

  • Fast charger not available in the box.
  • Hybrid sim slot so you can either use it as a dual sim device or expand the storage

Ratings Comparison

Realme 3 Pro

Performance Rating of 3 Pro


Design Rating of Realme 3 Pro


Battery Rating of Realme 3 Pro


Camera Rating of Realme 3 Pro


Software Rating of 3 Pro


Value For Money Rating of 3 Pro

Value For Money

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro

Performance Rating of Redmi Note 7 Pro


Design Rating of Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro


Battery Rating of Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro


Camera Rating of Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro


Software Rating of Redmi Note 7 Pro


Value For Money Rating of Redmi Note 7 Pro

Value For Money

Specifications Comparison

Realme 3 Pro Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro
Operating System Android 9.0 Android 9.0
Chipset Snapdragon 710 Snapdragon 675
Memory(RAM) 4GB 4GB
Intenal Storage 64GB 64GB
Expandable Storage Upto 256GB MicroSD Upto 256GB MicroSD
Primary Camera 16MP + 5MP 48MP + 5MP Dual Camera
Front Camera 25MP 13MP
Battery Capacity 4045mAh 4000mAh
Dual Sim Yes Yes
Hybrid Sim Slot No Yes
Screen Size 6.3 6.3
Screen Resolution Full HD+ 1080p Full HD Plus 1080p
USB Type C No Yes
3.5mm Audio Jack Yes Yes
Fingerprint Sensor Yes Yes
4G VOLTE Yes Yes
Weight 172gm 186gm
Thickness 8.3mm 8.1mm

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Now, if we were personally spending money on either of the 2 smartphones, we would have gone for the Redmi Note 7 Pro. That is because of one simple reason: The Type C port. It is always great to be updated with the latest technology and bring one cable that can charge all the devices. The Laptop charges over USB C,  wireless earphones charges over USB C then we don’t see a reason why we should be carrying a separate cable to charge a single device. It’s simply the convenience.

However, If you feel that you feel that you could live with the MicroUSB port on the Realme 3 Pro then what you get is simply an amazing smartphone. Best in the class processor, great cameras. amazing display and a battery that’s hard to beat. You also get a dedicated memory card slot and a VOOC charger if that’s your thing. Overall the price you pay for either of the 2 phones is exactly the same.

For what it’s worth both on paper and in the comparison today the Realme 3 Pro wins hands down especially considering the fact that both the phones are prices exactly same. The 4/64 GB variants of the phone will cost Rs.13999 while the top end model with 6/128 GB will cost Rs.16999.

In the end, we are very sure that no matter which one you choose you most definitely would not be regretting your choice.

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