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  • 6 GB RAM | 128 GB ROM
  • 6.67" Quad HD+ Display 1440p
  • Back Camera: 40MP + 16MP + 8MP Triple rear camera
  • Front Camera: 16MP
  • 4000 mAh Battery
  • Dual Sim Device
  • Available in Mirror Grey Color

Best Price ₹48999

Other Variants

Storage RAM Colors Price
2568Mirror Grey52999More info →
25612Mirror Grey57999More info →

OnePlus 7 Pro Brief Review and Pros Cons:

OnePlus took the entire market by a huge storm when it first released it's OnePlus One in the year 2014. It carried the best in class specs, A feature-rich operating system. Last but definitely not the least the price tag of under 20000. That was the One plus Mantra over the years. Best in class specs, at half the price of the flagships of the market.

Well, over the years the price has obviously gone up due to the use of premium materials and latest specs. Fast forward to 2019 sadly, you don’t get to buy it at the old less than $300 price tag. But what you get in return is a phone that is filled with the latest and powerful hardware to the brim and like their promise at half the price of a similar flagship phone from Samsung, Google an iPhone.

So has OnePlus finally settled going against their “Never Settle” motto. Or is it still going to be the flagship killer that it has always promised in delivering? This is the short review of the OnePlus 7 Pro. Like always read on to find out. Like we always say that if a phone checks the 5 boxes it a great one. In no particular order: Build and design, Display, Battery life, Camera and finally Performance.

OnePlus once was the pioneer of bringing best in class design and improvised with every phone they had released up till the 3T. From the 5 lineups, OnePlus has sort of settled with design choices that just works and resonates highly with what the other players have to offer. The same goes for the OnePlus 7 Pro.

With the OnePlus 7 pro, we get a much more premium looking phone that basically competes with the flagships of the other brands. Much like its smaller sibling the OnePlus 7 the 7 Pro also follows a few design cue that is come to expect of a 2019 flagship. Gorilla glass 5 to the back and curved Gorilla Glass 5 to the front. Triple camera to the back with button placements just like the OnePlus 7. The power button and alert slider to the right. Secondary noise cancellation mic to the top along with the pop-up selfie camera. Volume buttons to the left with primary microphone, Type C port, dual SIM card slot to the bottom. Just like the regular OnePlus 7, there is a primary bottom firing speaker and the earpiece doubles as a stereo speaker system which is also tuned with Dolby Atmos.

All in all, what OnePlus has provided the 7 Pro is pretty much on par with the rich kids (Samsung and the Apples) of the market.

Coming to the display, OnePlus has believed in delivering the best FHD+ display in the market. Well, this belief of theirs is most definitely not seen 7 Pro but also holds a huge trick up its sleeve. That said what OnePlus has to offer with the 7 Pro is truly revolutionary. This is because the 7 Pro is the world first phone to have a Fluid AMOLED display. What is that? Well, this is a QHD+ display, to begin with running at 3120 x 1440p. The cherry on the this is the first of its kind QHD+ display that runs a 90Hz refresh rate panel.

The panel of the 7 Pro also curves at the edges to give this premium Samsung like edge screen look. Ring any bell? Yes, this is because the panel is made by Samsung themselves. It does not end there. The 7 Pro has also received an A+ grade from DisplayMate for being the best-in-class. OnePlus was also able to achieve a high 93.22% screen to body ratio. This also is the largest OnePlus phone to date at a whopping 6.7 inch. The best part of this high refresh rate high-resolution screen is also HDR 10+ certified. As for the panel itself its completely edge to edge thanks to no notch and a very small chin, more on this later. The OnePlus 7 Pro display is simply a joy to use and you will definitely not be disappointed. 

One plus has always offered the best-in-class battery life thank the optimization of their OxygenOS, more on this later. With the 6T last year one plus had already bettered on their great battery life. The 7 Pro comes with a massive 4000mAh battery and not only that it comes with WARP Charge 30. This charges the larger battery of the 7 Pro 34% faster than the smaller one on the regular OnePlus 7. As the name suggests the WARP charger is a 30W one and is included in the box, apple please learn a thing or two. The WARP Charge 30 charger can charge the 7 Pro to 50 percent in just 20 minutes.

However, it is to be noted that if you would be using the phone display at 90Hz all the time battery life will most definitely take a hit. Even then this is definitely easily a one-day phone. All in all, the battery life on the 7 Pro is never going to disappoint you.

Coming to the camera review of the OnePlus 7 Pro. Let us first get the specs out of the way. The primary rear sensor on the Pro is a 48MP F1.6 Sony IMX 586 lens which is coupled by an 8MP F2.4 Telephoto and a 16MP F2.2 Ultra-Wide angle up to 117 degrees. The selfie shooter is a 16MP F2.0 Sony IMX 471 shooter and comes in the form of a pop-up selfie camera to achieve that immersive bezel-less display.

Photos out of the primary lens are well detailed and capture great images in day-light. It is also a pretty decent performer when it comes to low light too. The 8MP telephoto gets you 3X optical zoom which is better than the 2X optical zoom provided by the likes of Samsung S10 Plus and Apple’s iPhone XS. Photos taken with the telephoto will have that tad bit of more detail when you have zoomed in.

The 16MP Ultra-Wide on the 7 Pro is no slouch either. It is simply a champ and gives a way better field of view. The 7 Pro truly delivers with what is seen on most flagships of 2019 so far. Well, the 7 Pro comes with standard camera features. Google lens is baked right into the camera app, with features like 480 slow-mo till one minute and nightscape 2.0. The latter is not a great option though as its still no match when compared to the Pixels night mode.

The selfie camera also brings with itself a very capable 16MP lens and captures tons of details and is a great shooter overall. It also brings with itself portrait shots and 2D facial unlock capabilities. However, the latter is not as fast as before thanks to the pop-up camera that takes 2 to 3 extra seconds now to pop-up.

However, with the pop-up camera, the OnePlus 7 Pro gets its much glorified 93.22% screen to body ratio. OnePlus claims that the pop-up camera is good to use for 150 times for 5.5 years. Only time will tell if this is true provided you buy a 7 Pro and use it for 5.5 years. OnePlus also claims that they have used an anti-dust mechanism to keep the dust and dirt away. The pop-up camera also comes equipped with software sorcery that can detect any sort of drop causing the camera to automatically retract itself to prevent damage.

It is time to talk about the performance capabilities of the OnePlus 7 Pro. It is one area where OnePlus has dominated the smartphone market is in providing the absolute best smartphone performance. This continues even with the 7 Pro too. The 7 Pro comes with the latest and greatest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. This smartphone comes in 3 variants having 6GB RAM with 128 GB storage, 8GB RAM with 256 GB storage, and 12GB RAM with 256 GB storage.

This powerful Snapdragon 855 is coupled with UFS 3.0 based storage which is touted to be 2 times faster than UFS 2.1 resulting in a whopping 361038 on the AnTuTu benchmark. This is the highest any non-gaming android phone has ever scored. Now the 7 Pro with its 90Hz display takes performance to the very next level. Day to day task will be a breeze to run, with games playing at the highest frames rate without any drop-in frame rate all thanks to the Adreno 640 inside you can rest assured for great performance overall.

Now, if you are reading this article you must definitely, be knowing of the OxygenOS UI that runs the software side of things. Personally, we feel that OxygenOS is much better than Stock vanilla Android. This is so as the UI is very close to stock Android with very few thoughtful upgrades. Performance on the 7 Pro is simply going to be butter smooth.

Overall, the 7 Pro is still the undisputed champion when it comes to performance.

Let us take a peek into the price before wrapping things up. OnePlus 7 Pro comes in 3 variants with the 6/128 GB variant costing Rs 48999, the 8/256 GB variant costing Rs 52999  and finally Rs 57999 for the top of the line 12/256 GB variant.

If you all follow our blog regularly we had said in our Pixel 3A and 3A XL review that it’s going to get a tough competition from the OnePlus 7 series. Now with the 7 Pro, it is even truer.  Guess what? We were damn right. Yes, it is true that the 3A series has a much better camera than the 7 series. But there is way more to a smartphone than just the camera. The overall package that you get with the 7 Pro is simply second to none.

Yes, the 7 Pro does have its shortcoming and yes it no more the $300 smartphone that we adored. The camera isn’t the best. The pop-up camera is still vulnerable to drops and so is the new edge screen. But once you look past these, the phone behind it is a solid buy especially considering its price point.

User Reviews of OnePlus 7 Pro:

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Pros: What's great in this device?

  • Beautiful Quad HD Plus AMOLED display with perfect brightness and contrast.
  • Snapdragon 855 is the most powerful processor in the Android phone.
  • 4000 mAh battery for 1.5 days backup with WARP Charge 30 for fast charging.
  • Oxygen operating system is clean and feature rich.

Cons: What's bad in this device?

  • 3.5 mm headphone jack is missing.
  • Motorised camera makes it susceptible to breakage despite many preventive features.

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Should you buy OnePlus 7 Pro?

OnePlus 7 Pro comes with the best in class display, a powerful processor, solid quality and a good battery backup with WARP charge 30. Overall the phone is an amazing piece of work by OnePlus and if you have a budget of around 50000, this OnePlus 7 Pro should be the top pick.

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